Indonesian Proverbs about Love – Quotes and Meaning

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Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs is one of the advanced language skill. Here we will learn to be more specific. You have learned Indonesian Proverbs Donald Trump Should Learn Today in previous lesson. At this opportunity, let’s step forward to another theme, which is about Indonesian Proverbs about Love. Before we start, take a look at these following articles.

Although there were no specific proverbs that related to love (because the majority of proverbs are both general and universal), but here are several examples that could also fit with the context of love. Most of it describe sorrowful, while others describe insincere love. Take a look!

Ada Uang Abang Sayang, Tak Ada Uang Abang Melayang

When someone has money, people were around, but when there is not, no one around. You do not want this kind of love, right? Therefore, in terms of love (and friendship too), people should stay together both in happy as well as miserable situation.

Ada Udang di Balik Batu

There’s a shrimp behind the rock is the literal meaning of this proverb. The proverb itself means ‘something hidden’ or ‘there’a a purpose behind any actions’ (which has negative connotation). It’s quite similar with insincere love like “Ada Uang Abang Sayang, Tak Ada Uang Abang Melayang”. Mostly it refer to someone that suck up/pretend to be nicely to reach purposes such as status and money. You want someone that love the way you are, right?

Habis Manis Sepah Dibuang

Another proverb that also means ‘insincere’ relation is ‘habis manis sepah dibuang’ which means ‘Leaving after having fun’, which has contrast meaning with wedding vow ‘have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.

Sudah Bukan Zaman Sitti Nurbaya

It’s not Sitti Nurbaya’ era anymore. What is that means? Compared to others, it is a new phrases. Sitti Nurbaya is a novel that told story about a young girl named Sitti Nurbaya that betrothed to an old man named Datuk Maringgih. She could not marry her lover, Samsul Bahri. It’s actually a tragic story. Therefore, the phrases means that now is an era of freedom to love, the choice is yours (especially parents influence is still strong in Indonesia in terms of marriage) 

Bagai Dakwat dengan Kertas (Like ink and paper) and Bagai Dulang dengan Tudung Saji (Like Tray and Food Cover)

Unlike other proverbs, those proverbs describe two person that could not be split. It described a complementary relationship between two person (including lovers). Notes: both ‘dakwat’ and ‘dulang’ is Bahasa Melayu.

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Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur

Another Indonesian Proverbs about Love is ‘the rice has turned into porridge’. Although it could be use to other things, it also could means every decision that has been made could not be reversed (also in terms of love). Therefore, you should be wise as well as careful about it.

Bagai Pungguk Merindukan Bulan

When I heard about this proverbs, I always remember the Hunchback of Notre Dame story that told about Quasimodo and Esmeralda. The proverb itself describe about something that impossible to be reached. In context about love, it is like Quasimodo romantic love to Esmeralda, it is only a dream. 

Karam di Laut Boleh Ditimba, Karam Di Hati Bilakah Sudah

The proverb means ‘sinking at the bottom of the sea could be lift up, sinking into the heart would be hard to pass’. It describes a grief condition because he/she left by someone they love deeply. It could refer to family, friends and also lover. Therefore, in Indonesia there is a phrase ‘which one hurt the most, toothache or heartache?’ Toothache is quite uncomfortable to, is not it?

Air diminum rasa duri, nasi dimakan rasa sekam

Furthermore, another Indonesian Proverbs about Love is ‘air diminum rasa duri, nasi dimakan rasa sekam’, which means ‘water taste like thorns, rice taste like husk’. Similar with Karam di Laut Boleh Ditimba, Karam Di Hati Bilakah Sudah, this describe a grief/sad condition that cause unwillingness to do anything (including eating an drinking). What a sad condition.

So, those are Indonesian Proverbs about Love. You have earned another knowledge about Indonesian Phrases. If you still want to add some to your mind palace (and I hope so), please also check these following recommended articles.