Indonesian Prefix di- (Formula and Example)

Prefix plays important role in Bahasa Indonesia as it forms most of the words. Indonesian root words are mostly combined with prefix to create different meaning. Some people think that the use of prefix, suffix, and infix can be quite tricky. However, if you have better understanding of the words, there should be no problem. In this post, we are going to discuss about Indonesian Prefix di- which is widely used in everyday conversation.

Prefix di- in general has two different purposes; first, to indicate passive voice and second, to serve as preposition. Prefix di- are written differently to distinguish it between prefix and preposition. Take a look at below explanation.

1. Indonesian Prefix di- + Verbs

Prefix di- in general indicate passive form of an active passive me- verb. Prefix di- widely pairs with verbs and it is written in one word with the root words. Also, prefix di- can directly combine with root words without having spelling changes. Also learn high frequency word in Bahasa Indonesia.

Root words Prefix di+ root Meaning Sentence example
Makan Dimakan To be eaten Buah mangga itu dimakan oleh ulat

The mango is eaten by a caterpillar

Buang Dibuang To be thrown out Sampah itu dibuang ke sungai oleh Amin

The trash is thrown out to the river by Amin.

Masak dimasak To be cooked Ikan itu dimasak oleh ibu

The fish is cooked by mother

Cuci Dicuci To be washed Piring itu dicuci oleh Andi

The plate is washed by Andi

Tulis Ditulis to be written Surat itu ditulis Anna

The letter is witten by Anna

Jual Dijual To be sold Rumah itu dijual untuk membayar hutang

The house is sold to pay back debt

Baca Dibaca To be read Buku itu dibaca Ana saat liburan

The book is read by Anna on holiday

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2. Indonesian Prefix di- + noun

Prefix di- also combines with noun, especially concrete nouns to describe tools or equipment. It is also used to describe something which is recently made or created. Also learn more about Indonesian adjectives.

Root words Prefix di-+ root Sentence example  Meaning
Gunting Digunting Kertas itu digunting oleh adikku

The paper is cut out by my sister

‘Digunting’ indicates tool
Paku Dipaku Meja itu dipaku oleh ayah

The table is nailed by father

‘Dipaku’ indicates tool.
Sapu Disapu Lantainya disapu oleh ibu

The floor is swept by mother

‘Disapu’ indicates tool
Tumis Ditumis Sayuran itu akan ditumis segera

The vegetables will be sautéed soon

‘Ditumis’  indicates a way to make something different
Urap Diurap Sayuran itu diurap menjadi satu

The vegetable is mixed into one dish

‘Diurap’ indicates a way to make something different

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3. Indonesian Prefix di- as preposition

Besides serves as prefix, di- also serves as preposition to indicate location. In English, di- as preposition also means ‘at’. Di- as preposition is written separately from the root words. Also learn Indonesian descriptive words.

Root word di- + root word Meaning
Rumah Di rumah At home
Sekolah Di sekolah At school
Taman di taman At park
Meja Di meja On the table

Prefix di- as preposition can directly be used to indicate places including cities and directions. The difference between prefix di- as prefix and preposition is the writing system. Prefix di- as preposition should be written separately from the root words. But in conversation, there is not much difference of prefix di-. Also learn more about types of adjunct in Indonesian.