Are Indonesian and Malay Two Separate Languages?

People often mistaken Malay as the official language used in Malaysia. In fact, it is not entirely true. Malaysian is the official language of Malaysia. It is the standardized registers of the Malay language, so as Indonesian. Then, what is Malay? Malay is a major language of the Austronesian family spoken by more than 290 […]

Is The Indonesian “alay” Slang Word of “lebay” Becoming A Word in Bahasa Malaysia?

Make friends with Indonesian, you might hear “alay” spoken in a conversation. For example, “Jangan jadi alay deg!”. Have you ever hear people mention that? What’s is Alay in Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia? In Malaysia, some Indonesian slang words are being used too. When browsing on the internet. I found that some Malaysia knows the […]

Is Bahasa Malaysia The Same as Bahasa Indonesia

Hi everyone! I hope you are good whenever and wherever you are. In this article, we will explore comparison between Bahasa Indonesia with its neighbourhood language, which is Bahasa Malaysia. Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia country. Its territory located in some part of Malay peninsula and nothernmost part of Borneo. It is a monarchic state […]

What is the Different Between Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu

Welcome back! Have you ever confused with these terms: ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ and ‘Melayu’. Both share similarities, but also consist significant differences. Although Bahasa Indonesia was derived from Melayu (as well as Melayu used by Malaysian), most Indonesian would not call their language as Melayu because the name ‘Indonesia’ is part of national identity (also Melayu […]

Some Similarities between Malay and Indonesian to Know

For those who have visited Indonesia and Malaysia, the language spoken in those two countries may sound similar. Bahasa Indonesia and Malay are rooted from the same origin language which is Bahasa Melayu. Both Bahasa Indonesian and Bahasa Malaysia are two forms of standardized Bahasa Melayu. Some people even make analogy of those two languages […]

99+ Indonesian Words in Malay – Meaning – Examples

Selamat datang! Have you ever confused to distinguish Bahasa Indonesia with Malay (Malaysian Language). Believe me, you are not alone because both languages derived from same root, so basically they were same. However, their development have come to different direction. Beside Malay, many of Bahasa Indonesia words absorbed many languages from local languages (Javanese, Balinese […]