English Proper Noun in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabularies and Examples

During learning English, a person must know part of speech. Part of speech is word classes. In order to make a good sentence, a person must understand part of speech. There are eight part of speech that should be understood during learning English. One of them is noun. Noun is a name of place, person, […]

Indonesian Plural Forms – Types – Formula – Example

Plural forms in Indonesia are quite different from English. There is no change made of the noun to indicate plural. There are many ways to make Indonesian plural forms as the following explanation. Also learn Indonesian plural nouns. 1. Cardinal numbers The easiest way to make Indonesian plural is to add cardinal numbers before the […]

Indonesian Plural Nouns – Formula – Examples

Plural nouns refers to more than one or groups of nouns. In English, there are strict rules in making plural nouns including noun changes. In Indonesia, making plural nouns is very easy. Instead of changing the nouns, there will be repetition or reduplication of the word to make plural. As the title suggest, we are […]

100 Common Indonesian Nouns – Grammar and Examples

Salam! Senang berjumpa lagi di Mastering Bahasa! We have taught you Indonesian Common Verbs. But do you have trouble to combine those verbs with nouns? Say no more worries, we will give you tons of useful nouns that you can use in your conversation! You can combine these nouns with verbs from our article, Indonesian […]