Use of ‘Yang’ in Indonesian – Grammar – Examples – Vocabulary

As the biggest country with its isles, Indonesia also has different languages for its different regions and tribes. At first, Indonesian people will be introduced to speak into their own tribe’s language. What if people who wants to visit Indonesia don’t know how to speak the tribe’s language? That is why, the government of Indonesia […]

What is The Indonesian Word for Language? The Origins

As we have explained about the reason why Indonesian refer Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language as language in this article, now we are going to learn about what is the Indonesian word for language. In today’s lesson, you are about to learn the Indonesian word for language. The material of the lesson includes the translation […]

Indonesian Days Name – Vocabulary – Examples

How’s your day? We hope you have a great day as always Still urge to learn something new? Good, as today we will tell you Indonesian days name. Day in Bahasa means “Hari”. Days are plural which called “Hari-hari”. Just like others, Indonesia have seven days a week. However there is a slight difference in the […]

English Proper Noun in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabularies and Examples

During learning English, a person must know part of speech. Part of speech is word classes. In order to make a good sentence, a person must understand part of speech. There are eight part of speech that should be understood during learning English. One of them is noun. Noun is a name of place, person, […]

Noun Classifier in Bahasa Indonesia – Structures and Examples

When a person tries to learn a new language, they will learn about noun. In every language, noun has classification, including noun in Bahasa Indonesia. But, what is noun? According to dictionary, noun is a class of word that has function as the main or elements of subject or verb. Noun is not only physical […]

100 Common Indonesian Nouns – Grammar and Examples

Salam! Senang berjumpa lagi di Mastering Bahasa! We have taught you Indonesian Common Verbs. But do you have trouble to combine those verbs with nouns? Say no more worries, we will give you tons of useful nouns that you can use in your conversation! You can combine these nouns with verbs from our article, Indonesian […]