Indonesian Simple Future Tense – Formula – Examples

Welcome back! After learning about Indonesian Present Tense and Indonesian Past Tense, now let’s move to the third part of tenses, which is about Indonesian Simple Future Tense. Like the others, Indonesian Simple Future Tenses also has same Indonesian Grammar Structures with other tenses. The only main differences are the Indonesian Auxiliary Verbs that are equal […]

Indonesian to English Grammar – Formula – Exercise

Hello! Selamat datang! One of the key in learning second language is understand its grammar. Sometimes, learning certain language grammar is very difficult because it has huge difference with our mother-tongue. Beside that, we also deal with socio-cultural aspect that implied in the language. In fact, that condition also happened between Bahasa Indonesia and English. […]

Learn Basic Indonesian Tenses with Examples

Halo semuanya! Apa kabar? Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! Not the first, but the best site for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia in days! Today’s article, we will learn together about Indonesian Tenses! If you had seen our article of Indonesian Verb “To Be”, we had said that there is no concept of tenses in Indonesian language […]