Noun Classifier in Bahasa Indonesia – Structures and Examples

When a person tries to learn a new language, they will learn about noun. In every language, noun has classification, including noun in Bahasa Indonesia. But, what is noun? According to dictionary, noun is a class of word that has function as the main or elements of subject or verb. Noun is not only physical […]

A-Z Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesian – Meaning

Welcome back! Selamat Datang Kembali!  After learning about Indonesian Formal Language as well as How to Greet People in Indonesian, now let’s learn about Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesian. Take a look at the lists! Read also: Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia and Indonesian Essential Phrases Indonesian Noun Here are all […]

Indonesian to English Grammar – Formula – Exercise

Hello! Selamat datang! One of the key in learning second language is understand its grammar. Sometimes, learning certain language grammar is very difficult because it has huge difference with our mother-tongue. Beside that, we also deal with socio-cultural aspect that implied in the language. In fact, that condition also happened between Bahasa Indonesia and English. […]