What Does Saya Mean in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Meaning

If you start learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might encounter a lot the word “saya”. Saya means “I” or “I am”. It’s the first person pronoun in a sentence. As in the word “I”, It is how people refer to themselves in a conversation. However, it’s not as simple as that. Also, look at easy phrases in […]

How to Say ‘Sir’ in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

In Indonesian culture, individuals like to address each other with their names. It is to regard other individuals. In any case, once in a while in casual circumstance, e.g with schoolmates, Indonesians can address others with ‘kamu’. While tending to more seasoned individuals, Indonesians NEVER utilize ‘kamu’, however Indonesians additionally only sometimes address with Anda. […]

How to Address People in Javanese – Rules – Structures – Vocabularies

People always socialize with the others in their daily life. They greet and talk to the others. During their communication, they have to address people they talk to. Each country has different way of addressing the other people. In English, it is more simple to address the others. But in Indonesia, there are a lot […]

What’s the Difference between ‘Anda’ and ‘Kamu’ In Indonesian?

In English, we just know one type of second person pronoun which is you. However, in Indonesia, we cannot just use the word you or ‘kamu’ when addressing to people. This is because there is hierarchical level of pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia which distinguishes the use of pronoun. In bahasa Indonesia, we know some types […]

Differences between ‘Kita’ and ‘Kami’ in Indonesian – The Examples

The word ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in Bahasa Indonesia is two similar but different word. Most people learning the language confuse with the use of the two words because the words are literary translated as ‘we’ in English. Yes, there is actually no concept of ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in English, but in Indonesia, pronoun is mostly […]

Indonesian to English Grammar – Formula – Exercise

Hello! Selamat datang! One of the key in learning second language is understand its grammar. Sometimes, learning certain language grammar is very difficult because it has huge difference with our mother-tongue. Beside that, we also deal with socio-cultural aspect that implied in the language. In fact, that condition also happened between Bahasa Indonesia and English. […]