Indonesian Phonetic Transcription – Formula – Examples

Indonesian language originated coming from Malay languange. Even though the most population of Indonesian people are coming from Java, but Malay language choosen as the language of the nation. It is because Malay language was used in trading activities long time  ago that connected Java and Sumatra Island. Sometimes it is called as Malay pasar […]

How to Learn Indonesian Alphabets – Vowel and Consonant

One of the very basic knowledge about learning Bahasa Indonesia is to learn Indonesian Alphabets. Fortunately, in terms of alphabet, Bahasa Indonesia has same system with English, which occurred 26 Latin alphabets (A—Z), even though there are some differences in pronouncing the symbol. You may see Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words It should be noted […]

Indonesian Language Pronunciation Guide

What is The Indonesian Alphabet? The Indonesian alphabet and language has gone through some changes in the last few years. In 1972, the government made changes on the spelling system due to some reasons. The changes, however, is made to make the language easier to learn and spell. Nowadays, how to talk with Indonesian is […]