Teaching Indonesian in Primary School – Technique and Tips

Hello, everyone. Are you still excited to learn Bahasa Indonesia? We hope all of you still with us here. So, what is the lesson today? Today, we learn about how teaching Indonesian in primary school. Some of you surely think that teaching in primary school is difficult.

Get rid of such thoughts, because Indonesian lessons in primary school are very easy. You only need to know basic vowel sounds in Indonesian, basic grammatical like on the list of subjects of Indonesian grammatical structure, and some basic vocabulary as on informal Indonesian Phrases. Only with these, you can teach Indonesian in primary school.

Below here the example of  short story

  • Hai, teman -teman. (Hey, my friends.)
  • Nama saya Melati Sukma. (My name is Melati Sukma.)
  • Nama panggilan saya Melati. (My nickname is Melati.)
  • Umur saya enam tahun. (My age is six years old.)
  • Rumah saya di jalan Ahmad Yani. (I live on Ahmad Yani street)
  • Saya bersekolah di SD Jaya Nusantara. (I am school in Jaya Nusantara Primary School)

Please, look at the above example of a short story. Well, in primary school, there are many short stories that must read by the children. The aim is that children can understand the correct pronunciation and know what it means. The above story talks about how to introduce yourself to friends in front of the class. So, in this way, the children can introduce their self in a proper way.

Besides, read the short story and practicing in front of the class. The teacher sometimes giving orders to students to repeat what the teacher is saying. Like learning about the part of the body, pronouncing various vowels in Indonesian, or the difference of vowels or vocabulary in Indonesian.  Let’s see the following below here.

Below here are the examples of vowels in a word

  • Lari (run)
  • Lima (five)
  • Nama (name)
  • Nasi (rice)
  • Sore (afternoon)
  • Rusa (deer)

The children must know how to speak the word in Indonesian in a proper way. So, sometimes the teacher make an example how to say it then the children will follow what is the teacher saying. Like the first word, lari it means run. So, if you want to make a sentence with this word you can make like this; Kucing itu sedang lari mengejar tikus ( That cat is running after the mouse). Next example is the word of nama (name), you can make like this; nama saya adalah Rani (My name is Rani). Would you try this? 

Below here are the examples of the basic sentence in Indonesia

  • Rumahku selalu bersih dan rapi. (My house is always clean and tidy )
  • Ibu sedang menyapu halaman belakang. (Mother is sweeping the backyard)
  • Doni sedang mengepel lantai. (Doni is mopping the floor)
  • Ayah sedang mendengar radio. (Father is listening to the radio)

The basic sentences are always be taught in primary schools, such as the above examples. The first example is rumahku selalu bersih dan rapi.  This sentence  means that the house is always clean and tidy. As their teacher you should explain how important  to keep their house clean and tidy.  Tell them that keep our house clean is very important for their health. Next example,  ibu sedang menyapu halaman belakang. 

This means the mother is sweeping the backyard. The act of sweeping in this sentence is one of the ways to keep the house clean and tidy.  Please,  ask and mention some of acts to keep the house clean and tidy to the children.  You can mention these acts; mengepel lantai (mopping the floor),  mengelap jendela ( cleans the window), and more. How to make the students understand with the lesson?  Make some practices, let the students do pairing between the pictures and the sentences. Besides, you could make some quiz for them to learn such as drawing or coloring the picture. It is so fun. 

However, teaching Indonesian in primary school is easy,  right?  You should think about how to make them understand.  One of the ways is with some pictures like as above. Besides with some practice,  you can teach Indonesian in primary school by singing a song. Well,  here is the song lyric.

  • Kasih ibu
  • Kepada beta
  • Tak terhingga
  • Sepanjang masa
  • Hanya memberi
  • Tak harap kembali
  • Bagai sang surya
  • Menyinari dunia

This song tells about the mother’s love. This song tells about how much love that mother gives to us. Kasih ibu kepada beta,  tak terhingga sepanjang masa. It clears that the mother’s love is pure to their kids for all the time. Next,  hanya memberi,  tak harap kembali,  bagai sang surya menyinari dunia.  So,  it tells about mother’s love in raising her children is given sincerely.

Mother does not expect rewards or replies from her children. With children singing this song, it is hoped that the children will know about a mother’s love for her children. Also with this song, it is hoped that children can appreciate and repay a mother’s love. This is really a meaningful song. For another song, you may check on Indonesian songs can help you learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Hopefully, above how teaching Indonesian in primary school could be useful for you. WIth the above ways, you could teach the children how to learn Bahasa Indonesia in a proper way. You can make some  Indonesian lesson plans here for Primary School students. We hope this can be useful for you. Do not ever give up to learn and see you later.