A-Z Indonesian Drink Names – Vocabularies to Learn

Hi Everyone! How’s your week? We hope today will be a happy day for you! Now it’s time for us to learn about Indonesian hacks. What do you know about Indonesia?

Do you know about Indonesian dishes and drink? If you want to know more about Indonesian dishes, simply  check our post about top Indonesian dishes all the time here. After you checked that, now we will tell you about Indonesian drinks.

If you are a Indonesia fan, we believe you have heard about es kelapa and es cendol. Yup! These two drinks are voted as 50 most delicious drink around the world by CNN Travel. Craving more? Here are the list of top Indonesian drinks all the time. Check this out!

Es Kelapa Muda

Es kelapa muda (young coconut juice) is fresh drink to help you freshen your body. Since Indonesia is tropical country,  it’s not hard for Indonesian to find coconut trees. Indonesian coconut alse different from others. Here, young coconut has sweet water and coconut meat which sometimes called as heaven water.

Indonesian often to drink it from the coconut itself or pour it in a glass and mix the water with syrup or milk thus the taste is sweeter than before. Es kelapa muda ranked 19 in 50 most delicious water around the world. So if you ever come to Indonesia, don’t forget to try this drink!

Es Cendol

Alike Es Kelapa muda, es cendol also chosen as best drink by CNN Travel. It rank 49 out of 50 best drink. Es cendol itself is a combination of green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar.

This combination create a beautiful taste. Es Cendol is well-known in Java while in Banjarnegara, this drink is called es dawet ayu. Sometimes, Cendol seller add some topping like jack fruit to make it more tasty. Want to try this? no worries you can find this drink anywhere in Indonesia. You may also learn about Indonesian Phrases for Ordering Food

Es Teler

Teler in Indonesia means intoxicated or drunk, well, there’s no scientific history why this drink called as Es Teler. But, yeah, the taste of this drink will make someone ‘drunk’ as they will love it from the first sip. Es teler is a fruit cocktail that consist of avocado, coconut meat, cincau, jackfruit and other fruit.

This combination of fruit will be served with coconut milk, milk, syrup, sugar, and tiny amount of self. This drink usually served in a bowl to make it easier to sip. You can find this drink in Indonesian store or in mall.

Es Doger

Have you heard about this one? Es doger also one of the delicious drink. It is an Indonesian coconut milk based shaved ice beverage with pinkish color. If you love sweet drink then you will love this one as it a mixed drink from sugared sweet coconut milk, pink syrup, merah delima, small piece of avocado, tapai, ketan hitam, jackfruit, diced bread and condensed milk. Can you imagine how sweet it is? If you can’t imagine it then you need you taste it. This drink is easy to find though especially on dry season.

Off to the hot drink! After cold comes hot drink. There are few list of famous indonesian beverages to drink during cold night, cold season, or you also can use these drink as medicine you are sick. You may also learn about How to Order Food in Restaurant in Indonesian Language


This drink is invented by sundanese people in West Java. The main ingredients of this drink are coconut milk and Aren sugar. There are some types of bajigur. In order to add the taste, some cities in Indonesia add  small amount of ginger, salt, and vanilla powder to this drink. This hot beverage is welcomed for any ages except babies. It can be a perfect match for you in cold night or rainy days to warm oneself. How to find it? You can find this drink at vendor charts.


Wedang also one of the popular hot beverages in Indonesia. There are many types of wedang in Indonesia. There are wedang jahe, wedang angsle, and wedang ronde. Wedang in javanese mean hot beverages. Wedang jahe is known from West Java. It is made from ginger rhizome, palm sugar, honey, lemon grass, cinnamon stick, milk. While wedang angsle and wedang ronde is fame in Yogyakarta.

Wedang angsle is made from sago pearl, glutinous rice, putu mayang, mung beans, putu mayang fried peanuts and served with hot coconut milk. Aside, wedang ronde is a hot dessert with glutinous rice ball with peanut paste and served with sweet ginger and lemongrass tea. Some Indonesian people also drink this when they are sick as it can help to restore the energy. You may also learn about Indonesian Words for Food

Sekoteng and Bandrek

Sekoteng and bandrek can be found anywhere in Indonesia. Usually the seller will sell sekoteng and bandrek in one cart. Sekoteng is a ginger based hot drink that include peanuts, sago pearl.Bandrek is hot and sweet spicy beverage that made from ginger, cinnamon, cardamom pods, coriander, and small amount of black pepper. To make it sweet, it can be mix with milk or coconut milk. You may also learn about How to Say I’m Vegetarian in Indonesian 

Indonesian Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? This drink is loved worldwide. In Indonesia there are some specific coffee like coffee luwak, toraja coffee, java coffee, bali coffee ant etc. Every cities has its own coffee. It has different tasty yet still delicious. 

Alcoholic Beverages 

Name Type Description
Arrack Alcoholic Fermented alcoholic drink
Bintang Beer Beer Local brand beer
Brem Sweet alcoholic beverage Brem is made from fermented tape. Brem is a special beverage from Bali. Usually brem also present in solid form as snacks.

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Hot Drinks

Name Type Description
Bajigur Hot sweet drink Coconut sugar and coconut milk hot drink.
Bandrek Hot sweet drink Coconut sugar and ginger hot drink with bits of young coconut.
Java coffee
Jahe Telor A drink made of ginger and raw egg. Some variants colloquially known as STMJ (Susu Telor Madu Jahe or “milk egg honey ginger”).
Kopi Luwak Coffee beverage Coffee beverage made of beans that already digested by palm civet.
Kopi Tubruk Coffee beverage Hot coffee beverage mix straight with coffee powder without straining.
Sara’ba Hot Drink A drink made of palm sugar/brown sugar and ginger. It can be mixed with coconut milk, milk or raw egg yolk.
Sekoteng Hot ginger drink A hot drink made of ginger, sugar and milk with peanuts, slices of bread, and pacar cina.
Teh poci Tea beverage Hot tea served in clay teapot with large crystallized sugar.
Teh Talua Hot tea beverage with yolk Mixed of hot tea and blended egg yolk.
Wedang Jahe Ginger tea/drink Boiling fresh ginger mixed with palm oil or sugar cubes. Served hot or warm.
Wedhang angsle a hot soupy dessert of coconut milk with sago pearls, glutinuous rice and mung beans.
Wedhang ronde Hot ginger drink A hot dessert containing glutinous rice balls stuffed with peanut paste, floating in a hot and sweet ginger and lemongrass tea.

Cold Drinks 

Name Type Description
Cendol Sweet jelly drink Rice flour jelly with green natural coloring from pandan leaf, mixed with coconut milk, shaved ice and palm/brown sugar
Cincau Jelly drink Grass jelly and shredded ice with sugar or syrup.
Dadiah Yoghurt Traditional West Sumatran water buffalo milk yoghurt.
Bir Pletok
Es buah Fruit cocktail
Es campur Cold dessert
Es dawet Cold dessert
Es doger Cold sweet dessert
Es goyobod
Es kelapa muda Cold drink Fresh young coconut, coconut water mixed with or without syrup. Usually served intact whole fruit
Es laksmana mengamuk Cold dessert Fresh mango with milk.
Es puter Cold dessert Coconut ice cream.
Es siwalan Cold dessert Sweet and chewy palm fruit, served with basil seed and flavored syrup.
Es teler A mixed of avocado, young coconut, jack fruit, shredded iced with sweet condensed milk.
Lahang Cold sweet beverage Drink made from Arenga pinnata (aren) sap
Legen A drink made of Siwalan palm sap.
Liang teh Sweet iced tea
Teh botol Sweet iced tea Bottled tea
Teh tarik Sweet iced tea Milk-tea

Those are Indonesian cold and hot beverages that you need to try when you come to Indonesia. Ah! You can find the reaction taste on youtube too. In case you want to know more, haha!

Hope you have a great day and happy learning!