For Foreign People, How Hard Is It to Learn Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) until Intermediate Level?

If you are foreign people and want to learn about the Indonesian language you might wonder how hard it is to learn it? Is it hard to master it, and how much we need to accomplish until we reach the intermediate level? For foreign people, how hard is it to learn Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) […]

Tips for Learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner from The Expert

Bahasa Indonesia is an easy as well as complex language at the same time. Want some tips for learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner so you could master it faster? You are in the right place! We will learn what to learn first as beginner in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Here, these are some tips to help […]

100 Examples of Indonesian Sentences for Beginner

Indonesian sentences for beginners include daily conversational sentences. It can be in both formal such as governmental environment, office life, and news program and informal such as conversation among friends and families. Besides standard Indonesian language, local dialects are widely spoken across the country especially is smaller town. Even though many Indonesian speak in dialects, […]