What is The Meaning of Sange in Indonesia? Slang Word

One day when you’re conversing with Indonesians or joining an online conversation full of Indonesians people, you might encounter the word “Sange”.

Sange is a slang word, and it is usually spoken more on internet chatrooms and social media than in a real-world conversation. What does it mean, anyway? If you’re curious about this word, let’s find out the origin, meaning, examples, and usage of this word.

Origin of the word Sange

Sange comes from a Sundanese language origin. The ethnic tribe Sunda has its own distinct language and dialect. Sundanese itself resides in the west part of Java. Its close proximity to Jakarta makes Sundanese words and Sundanese swear words reach out to the urban population with ease. Hence some of its words become a popular urban slangs.

The same thing also happened with the Javanese language, whose many of its dialect adopted into the daily speech of urban Jakarta. You can learn more about Javanese slang words here.

What is the meaning of Sange in Indonesia?

Sange is a combination of two words. The first is sakaw, which translates into “addicted”. The second word is “Ngewe” which a vulgar word describing intercourse. Combined, Sange means” a desire for some sexual activity” or in the more popular term in English, you can translate it as “Horny”.


  • Foto artis di Instagram selalu membuat dia sange. (Celebrities pictures on Instagram have always made him horny)
  • Website itu diblokir oleh perusahaan karena membuat banyak pekerja sange dan tidak fokus. (The website is banned by the company because it makes many workers horny and distracted).

When do people use it

Now that you have understood its meaning, you might have already guessed it that this word is far from appropriate. So, it’s not advisable to speak it in a classy crowd where you want to hold a good reputation among your Indonesian peers.

The word is much frowned upon. And it shows that the speaker comes from the lower class of people or an uneducated person. It should be one of the slang words you hate the most.

The worse thing if you say it to a woman, then this word becomes harassment. To stay on the safe side, unless perhaps you’re dealing with a prostitute, you should never throw away this word freely on any kind of conversation. If you’re trying to woo an Indonesian lady, you should never use this word to her. Use these safe, polite, but still witty Indonesian pick up lines.

Now if you’re the one being addressed by this word, you should be cautious. Perhaps one day you receive a message on Facebook or Instagram from an Indonesian and he uses this word. One advice: block immediately. People using this word to a stranger never have any intention other than ill ones. So, stay safe. Now that you know the meaning of Sange, you can use the knowledge to arm yourself from creeps of the Internet.

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