What Language Is Easier To Learn for Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker?

A Native Speaker is someone who uses specific language as his or her daily language for instance Native English Speakers, someone who can be called an English Native Speaker is a person or population who uses English in their daily life and usually these people come from countries such as England, America, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Wales, and several other countries.

If the Native Speakers are Japanese, then they are Japanese people or Native Inhabitants, or have lived in Japan for a long time but are the Indonesian people could not be an English Native Speakers?, of course, Indonesian people could be one of the Native Speakers as well. A person who has been lived in Indonesia for a long time and that person could speak, write, read Bahasa Indonesia perfectly then the person is Bahasa Indonesia Native Speakers.

To improving your skill specifically learning new languages is one of the best choices in this post-modern era. Thus, here are several languages that would be easier to learn for Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker

1. English

There are several reasons why English would be an ideal new language that you will find easier to learn because there are so many courses in Indonesia that you can choose, starting from English First (EF) as the best English Courses in Indonesia and one of the best in the world.

English First provided English education starting from children with three to six years old, also for teenagers and adults. Not only because of the courses but also English is the International language with several reasons why English is used as an international language.

English is one of the oldest languages in the world and originates from the British plain around the 8th century.

Besides English is the oldest language in the world, English has a very rapid development of vocabulary. According to a joint research team of Harvard University researchers and Google noted the addition of the oldest language vocabulary in the world reached 8,500 words per year. Now the total number has reached 1,022,000 words. Here are more about What Is The Best City in Indonesia for Learning Bahasa Indonesia?

2. Arabic

The next is the Arabic Language. Most of the Indonesian people are Moslem and because they are Moslem, of course, they are familiar with Arabic letters especially if they read the holy book, Qur’an.

So, Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker would find it easier to learn it due to their habits which are reading Qur’an or some people even studying about Arab languages in University.

Arabic is phonetically written so that each word is spelled exactly as it sounds, and there is no correct intonation to study in Arabic (which in English will have to be read “there is nothing right in the intonation to study in Arabic”) because all syllables are equally stressful.

Arab certainly has a fair share of challenges but like the Arabic culture, if you can set aside your prejudices, you can only learn that it is much easier to understand and get along with that you think. Here are more about What Are Bahasa Indonesia Books and Films Would You Recommend to Someone Learning the Language?

3. Mandarin

The first thing you need to learn a foreign language is to buy a dictionary. The dictionary will facilitate your learning process. You will be able to immediately search and find the meaning of the words that you find.

For Mandarin, it is recommended that you buy a dictionary containing Hànzì (Chinese characters), Pīnyīn (how to read Hànzì), and the meaning of Chinese characters. In learning a foreign language, speaking and writing exercises become important to help and facilitate in remembering each word. Here are more about Guide to Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta The Capital City

Especially in Mandarin that does not use letters of the alphabet. Frequently practice in writing the correct hanzi, namely by following the steps of writing the hanzi.

Listening to music and watching Mandarin films can be one of the exciting ways to learn Mandarin. You can listen to the pronunciation of Chinese words. You can also practice the pronunciation of these words by searching for song lyrics and singing along and the visual effects that are presented will make it easier for you to remember the meaning of the words of the sentence. Here are more about What Do Malaysians Think of Indonesian Music?

The most important thing in language learning is the need for a tutor. The tutor helps in correcting your Chinese pronunciation. Because even though you can learn it yourself, but you need someone to become a partner in training and correcting your Chinese pronunciation