What Is The Best Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Before Your Trip to Bali?

Bali is not only famous at the national level but has been heard throughout the world, even in several surveys of world destination destinations, Bali is in the top five of the chart.

What Is The Best Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Before Your Trip to Bali?

Behind Bali’s global success, of course, there are several factors, for instance, The tranquility sought by foreign tourists, Adequate infrastructure, has a strong cultural appeal, much alternative tourism besides the beach and a variety of accommodation full of options. Before you decided to visit Bali, you should understand at least their basic language or their culture.

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Here are several tips for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia before you visit Bali:

  1. Studying Through Internet

The Internet has provided video call with all of the other possibilities to make us interact with the people overseas. So, the first tip is to find a Bahasa Indonesia Online Tutor for you to help you learn Bahasa Indonesia from your country. Here’s the best channel on YouTube to learn

2. Jakarta

Before you planned to go to Bali, it would be better if you stay at Jakarta first in account of studying Bahasa Indonesia. Jakarta Provides so many facilities for you to learn it starting from, Courses, Universities and also most of the people in Jakarta are capable of speaking English, so they could help you in case you are in a trouble or need something. Here are more about Indonesian Songs That Help You Learn Bahasa Indonesia Faster and Easier

3. Self-taught

What is the best way to learn Bahasa Indonesia before your trip to Bali?Bahasa Indonesia is easy, it is not like the other language. Bahasa Indonesia does not have a verb form (conjugate) verb based on time or tenses. In Indonesian, the verb “eat”, whatever the time, the form is still just “eat”. Want yesterday, tomorrow, or now, the form is still just eating.

Whereas in English, the verb to eat “to eat” will change according to time: I am eating, I eat, I ate, and so on. Pronunciation in Indonesian is classified as consistent. In Bahasa Indonesia, the letter “a” is read “a”, “b” is read “b”, as well as most other letters and sounds. Whereas in English, the letters “a” in the words “father”, “bag”, “ball”, “barn”, each pronunciation is different. Here are more about What Are Some Fun Topics and Books for Learning Indonesian?

In conclusion, To be more accustomed to the standard language, it may be tried little by little using standard language in writing and speaking. No need to be afraid of being considered as being pretentious or not cool, in the end, it’s not to sharpen our skills. Try to practice slowly to your parents or teachers.

Do not be afraid of being wrong or being laughed at, the name is also a learning process. Or, my suggestion, one of the most practicable is the practice of standard language to Customer Service (CS). It can be anything CS, want cellular operators, banks, or other products. Here are more about How to Learn Indonesian in Your Car? The Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa

Well, if CS is usually trained to use good and polite language, it’s a really good chance for you to try. To have a better understanding of definitions, make it a habit to always look for definitions from accurate sources (for example KBBI). This can also help you all in other subjects. You don’t need to carry a dictionary everywhere. Now so many KBBI versions online.