What Language Is Easier To Learn for Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker?

A Native Speaker is someone who uses specific language as his or her daily language for instance Native English Speakers, someone who can be called an English Native Speaker is a person or population who uses English in their daily life and usually these people come from countries such as England, America, New Zealand, Australia, […]

Guide to Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta The Capital City – Best Place

Language is a communication tool through words conversation, not only by using words but also we can use signs or symbols to describe our thoughts. In December 2007 the local government in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam formally announced Bahasa Indonesia as the second language in Ho Chi Minh city for 2007-2008 period, Irdamis Ahmad in […]

What is The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century?

Education seems to be one of the important ways to shape human mindset. The education becomes the mandatory thing in a country. Some countries has owned their best education system, one of them is Finland. Education is run by its different systems in different countries. The education systems will be upgraded especially when the world […]

Why is the Indonesian Education Curriculum Harder Than Other Countries? Check The Explanation!

If people are talking about English or other materials at school such as math or biology, they relate to the subjects which are learnt or studied. If it is taken for one example of subject, English language, the subject is relate to the language subject and it is known to be studied and drilled for […]