Why is Bahasa Indonesia so Popular in Australia? Here’s 10 Facts!

Australia is one of Commonwealth countries that located in Pacific Continent, quite far away from United Kingdom. It also inhabited by people from around the world besides British.

There are some people are coming from Far East, South Asia, and some others come from other Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. (Also read: Reasons Why Is It Important for Australians to Learn Indonesian)

Some of the people who come to Australia suppose to speak English since the national language is English, but some of them still use their mother tongue language as daily conversation with the people who come from the same origin.

Why is Bahasa Indonesia so popular in Australia?

Besides English, Bahasa Indonesia also popular in Australia. There are some facts that show how come Bahasa Indonesia can be that popular:

  1. Indonesia is one of nearest country from Australia that have different language. In term of political view, it is important to know your neighborhood by learning their language. In this case only Indonesia has different language with Australia since New Zealand and Papua New Guini have English as national language as well.
  2. Bahasa Indonesia is one of easy language to learn, with simple grammar and structural frames besides it is also using Latin alphabet. (Also read: Easy Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner)
  3. Many Indonesians are living in Australia. They might be students who continue their study, employers who need to improve their lives, or even immigrants who have permanent residence status.
  4. Many Australians are travelling to Indonesia. They are some tourists who occasionally visit Indonesian tourist destination like Bali, Komodo Island or Lombok Island, so they are familiar with Bahasa Indonesia. Some others also working in Indonesia as diplomatic staff, teaching English in some institutions, non governmental organization volunteers and maybe have business with Indonesian companies. (Also read: Best Ways to Learn Indonesian Online for Free)
  5. Australians are getting married with Indonesians. There are some mixed culture family contains of two different countries marriage, Indonesia and Australia. It is also make Bahasa Indonesia popular in Australia, because there are many multi cultural families with two languages and values.
  6. Bahasa Indonesia are one of subject in Australian curriculum. Some Australian students choose Bahasa Indonesia as one of foreign language that they learn at school.
  7. There are Indonesian Department in the Universities that many Australians join Indonesian studies as they subject choice. (Also read: Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia)
  8. Some of Australians are eager to learn about Indonesian culture. Even Indonesia contains of hundred tribes and local languages but national language is only one, that is Bahasa Indonesia. Some of cultural activities such as ceremony, dancing, singing are represent and describe is Bahasa Indonesia.   
    There are many studies about culture is written in Bahasa Indonesia so even they don’t have to study many local languages, they also can understand by reading them.
  9. Indonesian people are nice and friendly, so they are easy to mingle and communicate with foreigners, they also love to learn other language like English and in return they will teach the foreigners Bahasa Indonesia. (Also read: Easy Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner)
  10. Why is Bahasa Indonesia so popular in Australia? In term of economical aspects, many of Australian consumer goods companies are interested to market their products in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is the fourth highest population in the world, it is become good market for every companies who want to sell their products, for example dairy companies that sell milk, cheese and any other products coming from milk. So they need to learn about Indonesians habit and also how to make good commercials in Bahasa Indonesia.

Meanwhile, that’s why is Bahasa Indonesia so popular in Australia, so as neighbor it is better to know and to support each other.