10 Reasons Why Is It Important for Australians to Learn Indonesian

Bahasa Indonesia is the second language in Australia, that it becomes the main subject in most schools for students. Thus, you might be wondering why is it important for Australians to learn Indonesian language. Here’s the explanations.

1.  Neighborhood 

Indonesian language is one of language that learned by Australian students at school. Indonesia is Australia’s largest and nearest neighbor in the Asian region, it is common to know and learn each other.

2. Bounding Countries 

Besides political aspects that both countries should be bound, there are also other aspects influence the need to learn Indonesian language for Australians.

3. The Range

The other aspect is about range. The nearest island of Indonesia that close to Australia is Salura Island in Nusa Tenggara. There are lots of Indonesian people visit or event have permanent residence in Australia. Some of them are coming to continue study or even taking jobs in Australia, and not few of them are getting married with Australians. So some of them has been blended into Australian sphere but many of them still using their mother tongue.

4. Tourism Aspect 

Otherwise many Australians tourists visit Indonesia. One of their favorite spot is Bali. We can find that most of tourists are coming to Indonesia are Australians. If they learn Indonesian language, they will not be afraid being freud by criminal or maybe people who might take advantage from tourists. Besides Bali there are also another places in Indonesia that become tourist destination. Meanwhile, there are some great Ways to Learn Indonesian Online for free here.

5. Exploring Cultures 

Some places in Indonesia like Bali and Jakarta, most of citizen are getting used to meet foreigners and they understand English. But for rural area even it is tourist destination, few people speak English. So if Australians can speak Bahasa Indonesia, it is one of benefit to explore other tourist area besides Bali. Likewise, you may also read about Indonesian Words for Tourists

6. Student Exchange Program 

Some of Indonesian continue their study in Australia, and also there are some exchange program for education. They live and stay quite long in Australia. In some cities there are lots of Indonesian people live together with Australians and other immigrants. That’s also the main reason Why Indonesian Language is Important to Learn

7. Australian Loves Indonesia As Much 

Many Australians eager to learn Indonesian traditional heritage like dancing and musical instruments. Some of them learn about Balinese dancing, Javanese traditional musical instruments (gamelan) and other traditional activities. We can find some Australians stay and learn intensively to know more about Indonesia culture. So, there are also many Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia

8. Business Purpose 

Indonesia enriched with raw materials, some areas produce coffee, cocoa, rubber, mining and so on. Australia has plenty of good quality farmer and fruits products.  In term of economy, it is a good collaboration between each other. For both parts, understanding each other more by learning the languages will be an advantages to increase the economic aspect. That’s  why is it important for Australians to learn Indonesian language.

9. Government Organization

There are also some other collaboration between these two countries, in term of social aspects, Australian government and non government organization contributed in helping Indonesia natural disaster just like Tsunami in Aceh, earthquake in West Sumatra and Mount Agung eruption in Bali.

They also held some seminars or courses to prepare for natural disaster. So it will be easier for Australians who contributes in these programs to deliver the messages the society in their own language, Indonesian language. 

10. The Indonesian – Australian Relationship 

Indonesian and Australian have a good relationship since a lifetime, all in politics, business, partnership, and they are so close. That’s  why is it important for Australians to learn Indonesian language.

Don’t worry, it won’t be hard to learn Indonesian language. How Long Does It Take to Learn Indonesian? It is quite fast learning Indonesian language compare with other Asian language like Chinese, Japanese or Korean since it is used Latin for alphabetical letter. It is about 33 weeks to learn Indonesian language compare with learning Japanese for about 80 weeks. So mate, don’t waste your time, learn Indonesian language now. Next, you will explore the paradise of the world.