How to Say Age in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning

Let’s learn how to say age in Indonesian.

For Indonesian people, age is part of identity. When you meet someone at the first time, it is common to ask him/her about age. Usually, people in the community will also want to know the age of the new person.

In Indonesian language, “age” = “umur”

 How to Ask about Age

In normal conversation, you will get a question about age. This kind of question is an opportunity to say age. Below are the common question usually used. If you want to learn more about other phrases of question, you can read basic indonesian questions.

  • “Berapa umurmu?” (How old are you?)
  • “Umurmu berapa?” (How old are you?). Indonesian people usually swap the question arrangement. You will find this phrase in informal occasion.
  • “Berapa umur Pia?” (How old is Pia?). This is different with 2 previous phrase. This phrase is used to ask other people age.
  • “Umurnya Pak Bobo berapa ya?” (How old is Pak Bobo?). This is also informal use to ask other people age. “Pak” adalah title for adult man.
  • “Kamu lahir tahun berapa?” (When you were born?). This is indirect way to ask your age. You can also use this phrases to ask other people age.

More Phrases to Say Age

To answer that question, some phrases is usually used. This is how to say age in Indonesian.

  • “Umur saya 20 tahun” (My age is 20 years).
  • “Usiaku 20” (My age is 20). “usia” have same meaning with “umur”. “-ku” is shorter form of “aku”. You can remove “tahun” when say your age. Even at formal occasion, you can use this phrase.
  • “31”. This is very short form. You can direcly say the number of the age. To learn further about number, you can read how to say Indonesian numbers.
  • “Widi lahir tahun 1991” (Widi was born in 1991). This is indirect way to say age. Instead of saying the number of age, you can inform only the birthyear.
  • “Bos kita kelahiran tahun 70-an” (Our boss was born in the 70’s). If you do not have certain information about someone age, you can use this kind of phrase.

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Do not be surprised if more than 1(one) people will ask you about your age if you are new in the neighborhood. Or, if there is a new person in your community, then age is information that people want to know. For Indonesian people, age is important. It affect on how to treat people.

Indonesian people tend to give respect on older person. In some ethnic group, people use some specific title to call older person. If you are younger person, then older person will glad to help and give you any advise.

Well, I hope you understand how to say age in Indonesian by reading this article. Now, it is time for you to meet and have Indonesian friends.