Indonesian Phrases that Tourist Should Know with Complete Examples

As tourist, at least Indonesian easy phrases in Bahasa Indonesia is a must. Therefore, let’s learn the quickest Indonesian phrases that tourist should now. It would help you a lot in communication as well as giving some advantages while you abroad in Indonesia, such as bigger chance to get cheaper price. Hence, it would also ways to improve your Indonesian speaking skills.

Learn how to buy things in Indonesian

The most important things about Indonesian phrases that tourist should know is to help you shopping in Indonesia. Sometimes, people would raise the price if you do not expert local language, right? I guess you do not want to spend more money just because language barrier. Beside some Indonesian shopping phrases, let’s also learn some common sentences that might help you get cheaper price that may influenced by your good Indonesian.

  • jual = sell
  • beli = buy
  • menawar = bid
  • mahal = expensive
  • murah = cheap
  • diskon = discount
  • harga teman = friend’s price
    *(It means you ask someone to give you cheaper offer because you are their ‘friend’, even though maybe you are not)
  • cukup worth it = quite worth it
    *it means that the price and the quality of the goods are fair
  • Jangan mahal-mahal = Don’t be to expensive
  • Turunin dikit (harganya) = Down the price a little bit, please
  • Kemahalan = too expensive
  • Berapa harga sepatu itu? = How much is the shoes cost?
  • Berapa, Mas? = How much, Sir?
  • Di mana saya bisa membeli batik? = Where can I buy batik?
  • Apakah Bapak/Ibu menjual pakaian batik? = Do you (Sir/Mam) sell batik?
  • Saya butuh barang murah dan berkualitas = I need cheap things with good quality
  • Saya tidak bawa uang = I don’t bring money
  • Uang saya tidak cukup = I don’t bring enough money
  • Di mana money changer? = Where is the money changer?
  • Dapatkah saya membayar dengan kartu? = Could I pay it with card?
  • Saya tidak begitu suka durian = I quite don’t like durian
  • Saya lebih suka yang merah = I prefer the red one

Learn Some General Phrases in Indonesian for Tourist

Another Indonesian phrases that tourist should now by seconds are the general stuff. Here are the Indonesian survival phrases, range for how to ask direction as well as common question and answer that might help you. Therefore, you won’t get lost as well as don’t be caught into awkward moment.

Take a look of these following useful sentences.

  • Saya harus bertemu Doni sekarang (I need to meet Doni, right now)
  • Maaf, saya sudah terlambat (Sorry, I’m late)
  • Saya harus sampai di bandara jam 07.00 (I need to arrive at the airport on 7 a.m.)
  • Jam berapa kereta pertama datang? (What time is the first train come?)
  • Bagaimana cara saya ke Monas? (How can I reach Monas?)
  • Apakah Anda tahu Museum Nasional? (Do you know the National Museum?)
  • Berapa harga paket telepon termurah? (How much is the cheapest telephone package?)
  • Apa yang kamu lakukan di sini? (What are you doing here?)
  • Saya ke sini untuk liburan (I am here for vacation)
  • Dari mana kamu berasal? (Where are you come from?)
  • Saya berasal dari Spanyol (I come from Spain)
  • Sudah berapa lama kamu di Indonesia? (How long have you been in Indonesia?)
  • Sudah lama, sekitar 20 tahun. (Quite long, 20 years)
  • Saya membawa istri dan anak-anak saya (I come with wife and children)
  • Di mana jalan yang tidak macet? (Where/which is the less traffic street?)
  • Di mana pub terdekat? (Where is the nearest pub?)
  • Saya ingin ke pantai (I want to go to the beach)
  • Maaf, saya alergi dengan udang (Sorry, I’m allergic to shrimp)
  • Saya ingin makan masakan Prancis di Jakarta (I want to eat French cuisine in Jakarta) 
  • Tolong, lebih cepat sedikit (Please, hurry)
  • Apakah Anda melihat tas saya? (Did you see my bag?)
  • Berapa uang yang diperlukan untuk masuk Museum Fatahillah (How much is the Fatahillah Museum entrance ticket?)
  • Apa yang perlu dibawa saat ke Yogyakarta? (What are the things you should bring when you visit Yogyakarta?)
  • Bagaimana cuaca di Jakarta belakangan ini? (How’s the recent weather in Jakarta?)
  • Apakah mal tersebut dapat ditempuh dengan berjalan kaki? (Could I reach the mall by foot?)
  • Di mana saya dapat menyewa mobil? (Where can I rent the car?)
  • Di mana tempat kuliner di Bandung? (Where is the culinary destination in Bandung)

Notes: There are quite many Indonesian essential phrases that you would also learn. Collect as many vocabulary as you can! Don’t be hesitant to practice

That’s a wrap of learning the Indonesian phrases that tourist should know. Beside learning of those phrases, it’s quite important to learning the informal Indonesian phrases so you would be considered more friendly. However, the main key is to always practice and not afraid to speak up. Therefore, keep practice and don’t give up