A-Z Important Indonesian Simple Phrases to Learn – Complete Examples

Learn Indonesian simple phrases with only 3 minutes would help you a lot to express your feeling and thinking. This way to improve speaking skills would give you wide range of vocabulary, starting from Indonesian survival phrases until Indonesian cultural words. Let’s learn the simple way to say hello as well as learn the simple and common Indonesian slang to help you be more sociable

Learn the common Indonesian Phrases 

Beside Indonesian grammar rules, of course know and understand the usual and Indonesian simple phrases would be very helpful.We can learn many simple sentences that would help communicate with others. Here are the list of those Indonesian phrases.

  • Apa kabar? – What’s up
  • Sudah makan? – Have you eaten
  • Ngantuk – (I am) sleepy
  • Aku ga ngerti – I do not understand
  • Aku ga doyan sayuran – I don’t like eating vegetables
  • Mau ke mana? – Where are you going? or Where we like to go?
  • Aku mau pergi (ke toko) – I want to go (to the shop)
  • Jam (berapa)? – What time (is it)?
  • Ini sudah telat – It’s has been late
  • Biasa-biasa saja – So so/mediocre
  • Biasa – So so/usual/common
  • Saya tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia – I can not speak Bahasa Indonesia
  • Saya baru belajar bahasa Indonesia – I have just learned Bahasa Indonesia
  • Apakah Anda bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris? – Could you speak English?
  • Bisakah kamu mengulangi perkataan tadi? – Could you repeat you words?
  • Bisakah Anda berbicara lebih pelan? – Could you speak more slowly?
  • Saya sedang mencari oleh-oleh khas Indonesia – I am looking for Indonesian souvenir?
  • Berapa harga tiket masuk candi Borobudur? – How much is the entrance ticket of Borobudur temple?
  • Harganya kemahalan – The price is too expensive
  • Saya sangat senang – I am very happy
  • Saya tidak begitu senang – I am not so happy
  • Makanan ini sangat lezat – This food is so delicious
  • Bisakah saya minta tambah? – Could I have more?
  • Boleh minta bon/bill? – The bill, please
  • Saya ingin mencicipi kuliner Indonesia – I want to taste Indonesian food
  • Makanan ini terlalu pedas – This food is too spicy
  • Tolong jangan terlalu asin – Please, do not make it too salty
  • Tolong ambilkan sepatu itu – Please get me those shoes
  • Maukah Anda membantu saya – Could you help me?
  • Maaf, saya sedang terburu-buru – Sorry, I am in rush
  • Tentu saja – Of course
  • Saya sudah terlambat – I have been late
  • Jam berapa kereta pertama datang? – What time does the first train arrive?
  • Di mana halte terdekat? – Where is the nearest bus station? 
  • Apakah di sini ada ATM? – Is there any ATM near here?
  • Apakah saya bisa membayar dengan kartu? – Could I pay with card?
  • Di mana money changer terdekat? – Where is the nearest money changer?
  • Di manakah perpustakaan? – Where is the library?
  • Udara di Jakarta sangat panas – The weather in Jakarta is so hot
  • Berapa jauh pantai Timang dari sini? – How long is the Timang beach from here?
  • Bagaimana cara tercepat ke Gunungkidul? – What is the fastest way to Gunungkidul?
  • Berapa lama perjalanan dari sini ke bandara? – How long is here to the airport?
  • Dari sini ke bandara sekitar dua jam kalau tidak macet – Here to the airport is around two hours if there’s no traffic

Of course you could learn deeper of those phrases in how to ask for a bill in Indonesian. Remember to always practice.

The Other Indonesian Simple Phrases: Slang Words

Have you ever not understand a conversation because there were tons of slang word you could not catch? Therefore, without a doubt, learning some slang would be very helpful too. We won’t learn too many slang, but here are some very helpful as well as common slang in Bahasa Indonesia. Try to use these Indonesian slang internet chatting

  • Wacana – only a plan (to express a good plan that usually just only be a plan and will never happen)
  • makan-makan – eat together (mostly more expensive than usually ‘eat’ because sometimes it is used for celebration)
  • Generasi micin – to express young generation (millenials) that usually do something childish or embarrassing (We blame micin or MSG that usually consumed in street or instant food)
  • Kids zaman now – a term for millenial generation (both positive and negative)
  • Sakit hati – heartache, resentment
  • Ngenes – tragic/series of unfortunate
  • Netizen mahabenar – to express a very judgemental netizen (especially in terms of comment)
  • Bokek – do not have money
  • Garing – unfunny
  • Receh – unfunny
  • Dikacangin – be ignored
  • Baper – too sensitive
  • Santai/sante – relax (imperative)
  • Sa ae – it similar to expression ‘how could you’ but more slow and soft approach
  • Selow ae/Selo – just relax (imperative)
  • Kuy – c’mon

As you know even though they are Indonesian simple phrases that very useful, you could always improve more and learn another Indonesia essential phrases. Language is about practice and practice. Therefore, do not hesitate to always learn and use it!