100 Examples of Indonesian Sentences for Beginner

Indonesian sentences for beginners include daily conversational sentences. It can be in both formal such as governmental environment, office life, and news program and informal such as conversation among friends and families. Besides standard Indonesian language, local dialects are widely spoken across the country especially is smaller town.

Even though many Indonesian speak in dialects, they mostly understand Bahasa Indonesia very well. They will also likely help you when you have difficulty in learning Bahasa. To help you learning Indonesian sentences for beginner, we give some examples below.

1. Indonesian Greetings

  • Apa kabar? – How are you doing?
  • Bagaimana kabar anda? (formal) – How are you doing?
  • Saya baik-baik saja – I am fine
  • Selamat pagi – good morning
  • Selamat siang/sore – good afternoon
  • Selamat malam – good evening
  • Selamat malam – good night
  • Sampai jumpa – see you later
  • Selamat tinggal, smapai jumpa lagi – good bye, see you later.
  • Saya kangen kamu – I miss you
  • Siapa nama kamu? – what is your name?
  • Apa pekerjaan kamu? What do you do for living?

2. Making Excuses in Indonesian Language 

Indonesians respect politeness among the society especially among young to older people and also among the same age. In fact, you cannot just pass by in front of a group of people without saying ‘permisi’ or excuse me.

  • Permisi – excuse me
  • Permisi, saya mau ke kamar kecil – excuse me, I need to go
  • Permisi, saya mau ingin lewat – excuse me, I need to walk though
  • Maaf, saya harus pergi sekarang – Sorry, I really need to go
  • Maaf, bisakah kamu ulangi lagi? – sorry, can you repeat again?
  • Maaf, saya harus menerima telepon ini – sorry, I have to receive this call

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3. Asking for help in Indonesian Language 

When asking for help, it would be good if you can show the same politeness as saying ‘tolong’ and ‘terima kasih’.

  • Tolong – help, please
  • Tolong saya – help me
  • Bisakah kamu membantu saya? – can you help me?
  • Tolong antar saya ke bandara – please, drive me to the airport
  • Tolong belikan obat. – please, buy me medicine
  • Tolong tuliskan alamat anda – please, write down your address
  • Bisakah kamu bicara pelan-pelan – can you speak slowly?
  • Terima kasih sudah membantu saya – thank you for helping me

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4. Making apologize in Bahasa 

Here are more examples of Indonesian sentences for beginner:

  • Maaf – sorry
  • Maafkan saya – please forgive me
  • Saya minta maaf – I am sorry
  • Maaf, saya tidak mendengar anda – I am sorry I do not hear you
  • Maaf saya terlambat – Sorry, I am late
  • Maaf, uang saya kurang – sorry, my money is not enough
  • Saya tidak tahu – I do not know
  • Maaf saya tidak tahu – sorry, I have no idea 

5. Shopping and at restaurants in Bahasa 

Here are more examples of Indonesian sentences for beginner:

  • Berapa harganya? – How much is the price?
  • Mahal sekali – that is very expensive
  • Apakah bisa ditawar? – can I bargain?
  • Berapa harga pasnya? – How much is the fixed price?
  • Bisakah kamu memberi diskon? – can you give me discount?
  • Saya mau pesan nasi goreng – I want to order fried rice
  • Mau dibungkus atau makan disini? – do you want to dine in or take away?
  • Silahkan tunggu sebentar – please wait a minute
  • Apakah ada ukuran yang lain? – is there any size?
  • Bisakah saya tukar ukuran yang lain? – can I change to another size?
  • Dimana kasirnya? – Where is the cashier?
  • Mau bayar tunai atau kartu? – do you want to pay cash or card?

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6. Asking direction in Bahasa 

  • Dimana letak apotek? – Where is the apothecary?
  • Saya mau pergi ke plaza – I want to go to plaza
  • Saya dari Surabaya – I come from Surabaya
  • Bagaimana cara ke pusat kota? – How to get to city center?
  • Dimana? – Where?
  • Saya mau naik taksi – I want to get a taxi
  • Saya mau menyeberang jalan – I want to cross the road
  • Hati-hati – be careful

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7. Indonesian General Sentences

  • Jam berapa sekarang? – What time is it now?
  • Sekarang jam 2 siang – it is 2 PM
  • Tanggal berapa hari ini? – What is the date today?
  • Hari ini tanggal 5 April 2018 – today isApril 5, 2018
  • Saya tidak enak badan – I do not feel well
  • Saya merasa kurang sehat – I feel sick
  • Saya sakit – I am sick
  • Saya mau pulang – I want to go home

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Starting conversation in Bahasa Indonesia is not difficult. You can basically start with small talk about sports, weather, or something to start a conversation. Indonesians are naturally friendly people; so friendly that you may get asked personal question like ‘apakah kamu sudah menikah? – are you married? Do not get offended when someone ask you the question, they do not mean to get in your business; they just try to find out how to address you properly.