How to Say “Where is It” in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

Sometimes, you might be asking about direction or where the place of something is. In English, you might use the sentence, “where is it” to ask about the whereabouts of something you need to know. You might also use different subject other than it, for instance, the name of the thing, name, or place. So, […]

How to Say “F Off” in Indonesian – Phrase – Slang Words

As in learning any language, you have to know every expression from that language. This includes every positive or negative expressions based on the possible situation regardless of you will need it or not. If you are learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might want to learn about how to use some expressions in Bahasa Indonesia that […]

How to Say Hello in Javanese Indonesia – Definition – Examples

Indonesia is reach for its many kinds of cultures and languages from 34 provinces. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia with the biggest population is the Java Island. Java Island has 6 provinces. If you decide to visit those Java provinces which speak Javanese language, you had better start to learn how to say […]

How to Say Eat in Indonesian – Conversation – Examples

Eating food is one of human’s basic needs. Food has also develop not only to fulfill our needs, but also become human culture. Every different part of the world has its own unique food. Indonesia, with thousands of islands has thousands kinds of delicious traditional food. You can check what to order in Indonesian restaurant […]

Ramadan Wishes in Indonesian language – Phrases – Definition

Hello everyone, how do you do? I hope you are doing well. In this opportunity, I would like to tell you about one of the wishes in Indonesian language. The wishes is Ramadan Wishes. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. It is […]

Best Wishes in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Hello everyone! In this occasion, I am going to give you one of the important thing in Indonesian. This important thing is about best wishes expressions in Indonesian. Best wishes in Indonesian is “kata harapan”. The wishes are used to wish for someone’s good fortune. Many people in Indonesia give some best wishes sentences to […]

How to Say Nice to Meet You in Bahasa (Easy Practice)

The sentence “nice to meet you” is usually one of the first sentence that students learn when learning English. Here, we will discuss about how to say nice to meet you in Bahasa. Usually we say it when meeting with people, especially with new people, in daily life and in a business meeting. We will […]

Conversation in Restaurant in Bahasa Indonesia – Clear Examples

When you visit a foreign country, you definitely have to try good local food restaurants. Indonesia has many good restaurants for the tourist to visit. If you want to know several conversation that can occur in restaurant in Bahasa Indonesia, read the examples below: Conversation about booking a table/making a reservation A: Selamat pagi, kami […]

How to Make A Good Conversation Via Telephone in Indonesia

How are you today? Hopefully, it’s always fun and beautiful as usual huh. When we learn Indonesian, it is very important for us to learn good and correct grammar, both when writing and speaking. Especially speaking, especially in communication, it is very important to realize that the role of communication cannot be dammed because we […]

4 Clears Examples of Telephone Conversation in Bahasa Indonesia

Nowadays, people not only can converse with other people directly. Because of latest technologies, we can also speak with people far away from us. We do a lot of phone conversation. Examples of Telephone Conversation in Bahasa Indonesia Below are several examples of phone conversation in Bahasa Indonesia. We hope that the information below will […]