5 Ways on How to Speak with An Indonesian Accent

When you are in Indonesia, you will be pay attention about how Indonesian speak, or talk. Obviously, they speak in Indonesian language and they are Indonesian; although some of them are mixed-race (one of their parents are foreigner), but they are born in Indonesia. But there are some foreigner know How to Talk with Indonesian […]

21 Untranslatable Indonesian Words with No English Equivalent

Each language has no translatable words and Bahasa Indonesia is no exception. Besides learning proper Indonesian grammar and pronunciation, it is also important to know some words which do not have equivalent translation in English. Having influence from local dialect, here are some popular Indonesian words with no English equivalent. Related: Indonesian pronunciation guide Rugi […]

8 Easy Ways to Learn Indonesian Language in A Day

When you came to the foreign country, especially to Indonesia, you must be found some word in their language. For example, ‘Selamat Datang’ in many public places, as a form of using Indonesian Language to greeting visitor from anywhere. It will be different if you live in Indonesia for a long time. Whether you want […]

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Indonesia

In Bahasa Indonesia, communication is divided into two, verbal and nonverbal communication. Both communications way is always used for everyday conversation. However, do you know the difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Indonesia? Here is the explanation of verbal and nonverbal communication in Indonesia: Verbal Communication in Indonesian  In Bahasa Indonesia, verbal communication is a […]

5 Ways on How to talk with Indonesian Like A Pro

Having a conversation in an entirely new language may seem hard and intimidating, but it’s not as scary as it seems. The good news is, Indonesian is actually a pretty simple language. There’s not as much grammatical rules involved as it is with the English language. As the cliche saying goes, practice makes perfect, and […]

6 Basic Indonesian Questions Structures – Easy To Learn

Salam jumpa! Good day for you! Welcome to MasteringBahasa! If you have followed us these time, welcome back! We have learned how to master Indonesian Conversation Phrases, Indonesian Conversation Examples, and where to use them. As we know, when you have a conversation, a nice questions can always flow the conversations in good way. So, without further ado, […]

How to Tell Time in Indonesia – Vocabulary – Phrases

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! In our previous article about Indonesian Common Verbs, we have discussed about Indonesian Verbs. This article is related to that article. Why? Because we will discuss How to Tell Time in Indonesian Language. In our previous article about Indonesian Questions , we have discussed how to tell time with the question word of […]

100 Useful Indonesian Conversation Phrases

Welcome back to learn Indonesian together! We are glad to see you in this article. In this article, we are going to discuss about common conversations in Indonesian language. Basically, Indonesian conversation topics are no different with other countries’ conversations. Indonesian like to talk about themselves, about others, and about jobs. So why don’t we […]

50 Useful Common Phrases in Indonesian

Travelling in Indonesia? Or becoming a transfer student in Indonesia? Then, welcome to Indonesia! The place where you can find so many cultures and foods. There are so many travel destination you can visit too! You will have lots of good memories once you visit Indonesia. Sadly, not all Indonesians understand the global language, English.So, […]

15 Examples of Conversation in Indonesian for Beginner

What do you think about conversation? Well, conversation is a common way to connect us with other people. It shows our ideas and feelings. In this section, we are going to learn basic conversation in Indonesian daily activities. For your information, conversation in Indonesian is easy to  practice as long as you often practice and memorize […]