How to Say 1-10 in Indonesian (Vocabulary and Pronunciation)

Hello all, hope you have a good day today! Our current discussion is now about number. When learning a certain language, we can start from the easiest vocabulary, number.  Here we will talk about how to say 1-10 in Indonesian.  You can learn the sentence example given below. Satu (1) Rani menghabiskan liburannya di kota […]

Indonesian Number Worksheets – Examples and Meaning

Hello! When you learn any languages, one of the first thing you might learn is number. Yes, you would really want to master how to say one, two, three until uncountable number. You have understand much about Indonesian Numbers, but let’s go deeper and explore more about numbers. Therefore, we will discuss about Indonesian Number […]

List of Indonesian Numbers – Formula – Examples – Meaning

Hello again! After learning about Indonesian Language Phrase and Indonesian Grammar Rules, let’s move to another topic, which is numbers. It is very important to learn about numbers because we will find it and need it in daily life. So, let’s explore this list of Indonesian Numbers. Like English, in Indonesia, we could divided numbers […]

How to Say Indonesian Numbers 1-1000 Fast and Easy

Numbers is an important part when learning a language including bahasa Indonesia. Belong to Austronesian language family and rooted from Malay language, the numbering pattern is not differ so much from Malay language. Below is the list of numbers as well as how to say Indonesian numbers for beginners. Related : Indonesian grammar structure for […]