A-Z Most Used Indonesian Daily Words You Should Remember

Indonesia is famous by its diversity and its variant language to be spoken in different regions. The different language in different region make Indonesia decide to choose one language which is spoken all around the country. The language is called Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). The language must have lots of variant, one of […]

A-Z Cool Indonesian Words to Say and Express – Know The Meaning

People of Indonesian are united by their diversity and their different languages from different region or provinces. Indonesian language is the official language for all people of Indonesia. Indonesian language comes from different types of words and one of the type is the cool Indonesian words. These cool words can be taken from its beauty […]

A-Z Most Common Indonesian Words You Need to Add in Your Dictionary

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and common words that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of most common Indonesian words. English Indonesian about tentang act tindakan after setelah air udara always selalu and dan answer jawaban area daerah […]

A-Z Important Words and Phrases in Indonesian You Should Learn

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and phrases that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of important words and phrases in Indonesian that maybe helpful for you. Indonesian Greetings Selamat Pagi: Good morning Selamat Siang: Good afternoon Selamat sore: […]

Indonesian Slang Words to Help You Speak like A Local – Mastering Your Bahasa Skill

Slang word is one of the words in a language and it relates to the informal language. The usage of slang word is usually spoken among a group of people. The words are made in their own terms when other people do not really understand when the group of people are having those slang words […]

Will Dutch-Derived Indonesian Words be Slowly Displaced by Their English-Derived/Indonesian Equivalents

Remember your History lesson, folks! Because today we are going to talk not only about Indonesian but also Dutch and English. Why bring the Dutch in? Well, Indonesia experienced a long colonial history under Dutch rule. Their long period of existence in Indonesia then affected the culture, including language. Dutch has left an extensive imprint on […]

What’s Your Favorite Indonesian Word? Learn Indonesian Vocabularies

Halo! We are back with another vocabulary topic! Let’s remember the words that we have learned, and pick one word that is your favorite one. Get any? We know that some Indonesian words are a loanword from other countries for example and the most common, Dutch. We also shared the same root with Malay and […]

What Does Wkwkwk Mean in Indonesian?

Indonesian people really have unique language. Their formal and informal language that used in daily conversations can be very different. As a result, for foreigner that learn about formal Indonesian language, it will be quite difficult to understand Indonesian daily conversations or their chatting style. Talking about chatting style, nowadays we can see lots of […]

What Are Some “Not Famous” Indonesian Words That Have a Good or Cool Meaning?

We’re back with vocabularies lesson! In this post, we will talk about the beauty of vocabularies in Indonesian. You probably have never heard or even used these words below, but you may want to start using it after knowing the meaning behind them. These words are pretty especially if you are into poems. Here are […]

“Loh, Mah, Yah, and Yuk” Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia – How to Use It in Everyday Language

Bahasa Indonesia is indeed a unique language. The language has different style and words used for formal and informal language. In daily Indonesian conversation, we will hear more informal words rather than the formal ones. The informal words sometimes difficult to find the meaning in the dictionary. Here, we want to help to explain the […]