What Does The Word “Telmi” Means in Indonesian?

Since many years ago, as the television and radio became popular in Indonesia, more people all over Indonesia started to use Bahasa Indonesia, especially the slang and other unique words. During around 2000, many new words became popular in Indonesia. Some of the words still popular until now. One of the popular words at that […]

Is The Indonesian “alay” Slang Word of “lebay” Becoming A Word in Bahasa Malaysia?

Make friends with Indonesian, you might hear “alay” spoken in a conversation. For example, “Jangan jadi alay deg!”. Have you ever hear people mention that? What’s is Alay in Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia? In Malaysia, some Indonesian slang words are being used too. When browsing on the internet. I found that some Malaysia knows the […]

What Is The Difference in Meaning between the Indonesian Words “Berbicara”, “Bicara and “Bertutur”?

Hello there good looking and awesome pupils, are you ready to learn about Bahasa Indonesia today? Pay attention please, as you might want to focus on our next subject about the Indonesian language that related more about terms, grammatical and also Indonesian vocabulary. All of it seems overwhelming at first, and really annoying to learn […]

How Common Is It for People in Jakarta to Use Javanese Language?

Urbanization is making Jakarta, the capital city, be a multi-ethnic city with plural societies. Speaking about ethnic, the biggest majority ethnic in Indonesia is Javanese. Conducted ethnic census in 2000 suggested that around 44 percent of the population in Indonesia is Javanese. By lookin at the number, no wonder why Javanese Language is one a […]

Which Indian Language is The Closest Meaning to Indonesian?

As an archipelago country, Indonesia is famous by its rich cultures and histories. Those cultures and histories affect almost all components which have the correlation with people or individuals. One of the components which is affected by the rich of Indonesian cultures and histories is the language. Indonesian language is assimilated by or from many […]

What’s the Origin of the Word Mudik in Indonesian Language?

As the biggest Muslims Community country, Indonesia has some cultures and traditions to undergo the special month named Ramadan. Ramadan is the month for Muslims to do some worshiping activities such as praying, reading Quran and giving goodness to others. The main activity of Ramadan is fasting. After fasting for a month in Ramadan, Muslims […]

What Is Lebaran in Indonesian Language? The Vocabulary and Example

Indonesia is proudly to be the biggest Muslims community country. As the biggest Muslims community country, Indonesia must commit to one famous and important the worship one month in Ramadan and two days in 8 and 9 Dzulhijjah. The worship in Ramadan Month and in Dzulhijjah Month asks Muslims to do the activities in worshiping, […]

What Are The Most Misinterpreted Indonesian Words?

Indonesian language has many words. Even, not all of Indonesian understand all words in Indonesian language. Some of the words are unfamiliar for Indonesian. Even, several familiar words are interpreted and used incorrectly. Here, we will discuss about the most misinterpreted Indonesian words. Hopefully, after this you can use these words properly. Below are several […]

“Are You Married” in Indonesian Language – The Sentence Examples

Sometimes, when meeting someone new, we will wonder whether the person is already married or not. Including in Indonesia. Not all of married person in Indonesia wear their wedding rings. If you just look and wonder, you will not know. As a result, if you are curious, you want to ask “are you married” to […]

How to Say “Beautiful Girl” in Indonesian – Examples

Every girl in the world is beautiful. Every girl from every country is different but all of them are beautiful. One of the best compliment that every girl like to hear is to be called pretty or beautiful. Indonesian girls are also beautiful and they like to be complimented for it. To know more about […]