Why Indonesians Always Say Anjing? The Meaning and Examples

Language has two types according to the context, they are formal and informal language. If people decide to apply or speak informal language, the informal language also relates to the slang words, one of the type of language.

Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting

Slang words relates to the context of a group or groups when their slang is spoken or applied. Almost all countries in this world have their own slang, especially Indonesia.

The Indonesian slang can be divided into two, they are bad and good slang words. The good slang words has goodness to be spoken among a group of people in certain context.

However, the bad slang words are not suitable to speak among a group of people, especially in front of children. The bad slang words are usually used or spoken when people gets angry on someone or something.

One of the bad slang words from Indonesia is Anjing. Therefore, why Indonesians always say anjing? Why don’t they speak other words?

The meaning of Anjing word and Where the Word Comes from

The real meaning of Anjing itself, according to The Official Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI: Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) is a mammal which is generally cared to keep houses hunt, and etc.

The meaning of Anjing will not be the same as the real meaning if the word is combined to other words as sentence. Usually, the word Anjing is combined to other words as Indonesian proverbs.

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Anjing (dog) = an animal

E.g: Bagai anjing beranak enam = kurus sekali (English: Alike a dog which give birth on six children = very tiny)

The word anjing is usually spoken when people gets angry. The word anjing in one belief in Indonesian, which is Islam, becomes a word which is represented as an animal which is Haram to touch or eat. Haram means the Muslim people are not allowed to touch or eat anjing because anjing is in one of highest impure. Here’s also Ways to Make An Indonesian Angry

The word anjing also comes from one of the Indonesian histories. The history told that anjing or dog was the colonizers’ pet. The colonizers is hated by the Indonesian people at that time. Therefore, anjing or dog represented their resentment and rage of Indonesian people.

From those reasons, anjing word is represented as the anger word and the word to be spoken by the people who gets angry. Here’s also What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Why Indonesians always Say Anjing

As the reasons and the connotation meaning of anjing word, the question of why Indonesians always say anjing is because anjing word represent something bad and the anger of the ancient Indonesian people while they were colonizing and it is spoken when people especially Indonesian people get angry. Here’s also What Is the Meaning of Bego in Indonesia?

Anjing = shit/damn in English

Examples of usage:

  1. Anjing, gue kesel banget sama itu orang! Dia bohong! = Shit, I hate that guy. He has lied to me!
  2. Anjing lo, kok lo pukul gue?!? = Damn you! Why do you punch me?

The word anjing is the informal word to say. It is not suitable to be spoken in formal conversation. It is also not allowed to be spoken in front of elderly and children. It is impolite to say this word, therefore be careful when you try to speak this word. Be wise!