Before the Use of The Roman Alphabet, Was There An Indigenous Script for Bahasa Indonesia?

If you are learning Indonesian some of you might wonder if there are any indigenous script that dated long before any Roman alphabet in Indonesia. Does Indonesia have a special script or an indigenous script like in Thailand or Myanmar? So, the answer to the question: Before the use of the Roman alphabet, was there […]

26 Indonesian Words in Alphabetical Order

Indonesia is a country that consists of many different islands with many languages, however with all those differences, Bahasa Indonesia is chosen as the official language in this country. Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language to learn if you are dedicated to work hard and practice a lot (check out how long it takes […]

Learning Indonesian Alphabets Easy and Fast

Indonesia is a unique language with characteristics of Indonesian language. With how many languages are there in Indonesia languages existing in the Indonesian archipelago, Indonesian is the official language chosen for this nation. You might have read or learned that Indonesia used to be under Dutch colonization. During those times, the Latin alphabet which was already used […]

5 Indonesian Vowel Chart – Category – Classification

Language in around the world has own Characteristic of Indonesian language, which is very interesting to study, include Indonesian Language. In Bahasa Indonesia, vowel words is similar with English vowel words or alphabet. But it turns out become one of the most interesting yet sophisticated material to learn. It has been divided in four category, […]

What is The Indonesian Alphabet – Vowels and Pronunciation

Indonesian language or also known as Bahasa Indonesia is considered as Austronesian language.  It is a standardized form of Malay and spoken throughout the country. Is Indonesia an Easy Language to Learn? Many people considered Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language to learn because there is no complex Indonesian grammar rules. Another reason why Bahasa Indonesia is […]