Indonesian Suffix -Kan (Formula and Example)

Good day! Have you read about Indonesian prefixes table and Indonesian infixes? They are an important part of Indonesian grammar structure. Today, we are focusing on suffixes, particularly the suffix “-kan”. Sometimes a suffix has more than one usage in Indonesian, just like the suffix “-kan”, but basically the formula is the same, you just add […]

Indonesian Suffix -Nya – Formula – Examples

Let’s learn more about Indonesian grammar! You might have read about Indonesian prefixes and infixes, now let’s learn about suffixes. Suffixes are a set of letters you add to the end of a root word. The suffix we’ll focus on today is “-nya” This suffix has some different uses in Indonesian language and we’ll go […]

6 Indonesian Prefix Table and Examples (Fast & Easy)

How do you say “a former president” in English? Some people would answer by “an ex-president”. Let’s breakdown the phrase “an ex-president”. This phrase consists of “an”; “ex”; and “president”. In this phrase, the headword is “president” because it has the most important meaning, “an” is the determiner that convey the number of the noun […]

Learn Indonesian Affixes from The Experts

Hello again! Selamat datang di MasteringBahasa! A place for fellow travelers or visitors that want to have nice conversation in Indonesian language! This article is focused for you to learn Indonesian Affixes! In MasteringBahasa, we have discussed about Indonesian Verbs and Indonesian Nouns. But as in English, there are Affixes that can accompany verbs and nouns. In […]