How to Say “Really” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Hello great people, hope you a have great day today. The word Really can be translated into several meanings in Indonesian. how to say Really in Indonesian? Really: Sangat (formal) Sungguh (formal) Benar-benar Amat (Informal) Really? Beneran? (Informal) Amat (a.mat). Amat is one of formal words used to describe really. Lalu lintas di Jakarta amat padat dan tidak […]

Phrases for Formal Letter Writing In Indonesian

Hello, everyone? How are you today? We hope all of you is alright and in the good condition. Well, today we will guide you how to make a formal letter in Indonesian and also learn about the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian. Last day, we already know about how to write an effective email […]

Formal Greeting in Indonesian – Phrases – Gestures – Etiquette

Hi there, have you been traveled to Indonesia? If it is yes,  how are Indonesian’s peoples look like? Many visitors from any country said that Indonesian’s peoples are very humble. They do not hesitate to help the travelers that get lost. The last lesson, we have already talked about the list of cities in Indonesian, greet people […]

Indonesian Informal Verbs – Formula – Examples

Hello! Most languages have its own  non-formal way to communicate, both implicitly and explicitly. Therefore, you have known about Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting. In Bahasa Indonesia, if you do not want to give stiff sense or you want to be more friendly in terms to communicate, you could use Indonesian Informal Verbs. However, please […]

Indonesian Formal Language – Structures – Forms – Examples

Selamat datang! Learning Bahasa Indonesia is one thing, but mastering Indonesian Formal Language is a little bit harder. Why? Unlike English, which has strict rules of grammar, Bahasa Indonesia is more flexible (Check Indonesian to English Grammar). Do you know why the Indonesian chose Malay (Melayu) instead of Javanese as their national language even though […]

3 Indonesian Formal Pronouns – Formula – Examples

Selamat datang! Compare the Indonesian to English Grammar is not an easy task to do. You will find cultural difference between in because language is a representation of a society even a country. One of the biggest difference between Bahasa Indonesia and English is the Indonesian Pronouns. Because a deep respect to older people (very […]