Phrases for Formal Letter Writing In Indonesian

Hello, everyone? How are you today? We hope all of you is alright and in the good condition. Well, today we will guide you how to make a formal letter in Indonesian and also learn about the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian. Last day, we already know about how to write an effective email […]

Indonesian Informal Letter Examples and Meaning

Hello! Welcome back As you know, learning informal language is as important as learning Indonesian Formal Language to deliver more flexible communication. I guess you have learned many Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia, right? Now, why don’t we try to explore more about Indonesian Informal Letter. Therefore, you could use Bahasa Indonesia […]

180 Indonesian Words Starting with ‘g’ Letter

Every single Language has it own words from every alphabet. This time, we will show you the Indonesian words from letter ‘G’. When you said word start from letter ‘G’, the letter is like you said ‘Gold.’ You can learn from Indonesian Words for Food and examples and Indonesian Words that Start with ‘E’. Here […]