Indonesian Affixes vs English Affixes – Grammar and Structures

Hello! When you study about Bahasa Indonesia, you may found that Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is quite essential because it is typical. In fact, this is one of the main obstacle in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Unlike English, the affixes is varied from Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes as well as Indonesian Infixes. Therefore, […]

Fastest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The Third Step

Okay, today~ we’re gonna talk about the third step of the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I hope you have tried to do the first, and the second steps. On this third step you’re gonna practice a lot, why? Before, you better install some global social media apps. Because you’re gonna need them. You […]

Fun Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The Second Step

Okay, so today we’re gonna move to the second step. Did you already do the first step? Well, I hope you did, cause it will be hard to move on to the next step if you still left behind. Yeah, it will make your heart wants to scream “Hey! Wait!”, right? Okay. I hope you […]

Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The First Step

So, learning language is actually not as easy as flipping hands. It takes pretty long time, but if y’all know the tricks, it’ll be easy as ABC.  At this time, I’m not gonna explain all the steps. But I’m gonna explain each step on each day. Because I know if I show you all the […]

Contrastive Analysis Between English and Indonesian Language

Selamat Pagi! As you know, language is a a unique product of culture. On the other hand, contrastive analysis is a way of contrasting and comparing two languages, which means we try to find not only the differences, but also the similarities between both languages. You have learned Indonesian to English Grammar. However, comparison between […]

Indonesian Past Tense – Formula – Examples

Welcome back! What is one of the main Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar? Yes, you are right! Tenses. In English, you know three types of tenses (past, present, future), including its variation. However, Bahasa Indonesia do not have strict rules in terms of tenses. Therefore, the past, present and future as well as simple, […]

Indonesian Present Tense – Formula – Example

Apa kabar? I hope you are fine and more curious to learn Bahasa Indonesia! Present tense. Majority of language learning will be start with present simple tense. But, what about Indonesian present tense? Two words. It is simple and present. Learning about it neither hard nor more complex than Indonesian Grammar Structures for Beginners. There […]

150 Indonesian Words That We Use in English – Meaning

Selamat datang kembali! Welcome back! If long time ago, words are absorbed into a language by expedition or colonialism, through globalization, borders of the nation became eventually vanished. Shared culture, art and even language become undoubtedly possible and effortless. It is also happened between Bahasa Indonesia and English. Not only Bahasa Indonesia absorbed English vocabulary […]