180 Indonesian Words Starting with ‘g’ Letter

Every single Language has it own words from every alphabet. This time, we will show you the Indonesian words from letter ‘G’. When you said word start from letter ‘G’, the letter is like you said ‘Gold.’ You can learn from Indonesian Words for Food and examples and Indonesian Words that Start with ‘E’. Here […]

A-Z Indonesian Words Derived from Arabic – Meaning

Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian Language is a special. It is because many Indonesian words come from other language. This time, we will show you from Arabic language. We have a numerous words from arabic because on 1400-1500, there were a dealer from Gujarat or India that come to sell and buy some spice. They live […]

125 Indonesian Words Starting with ‘F’ – Examples

Welcome back to the MasteringBahasa.com. After the previous article we had learned about the words start from E, now we will learn the words which is start from F. Usually, Indonesian people do not much use the words with ‘F’ in daily conversation. But it still interesting to find and learn about those words from […]

125 Indonesian Words Starting with ‘N’ – Examples

As we know that Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian Language, have so many words and its variety. It is happen because from basic words can be developed to be other word, and have a change of meaning, although the meaning itself is not far from the original words. From Indonesian Words in Alphabetical and Basic Words in […]

100 List of Indonesian Words that Start with ‘E’

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa.com. This is the right place for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia with easy and fun. As we know, Indonesian Language or Bahasa Indonesia has many various of words in almost alphabet latin (From A to Z), which is contain in Indonesia Dictionary, or Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia. To start learn Bahasa […]

5 Ways on How to Speak with An Indonesian Accent

When you are in Indonesia, you will be pay attention about how Indonesian speak, or talk. Obviously, they speak in Indonesian language and they are Indonesian; although some of them are mixed-race (one of their parents are foreigner), but they are born in Indonesia. But there are some foreigner know How to Talk with Indonesian […]

8 Easy Ways to Learn Indonesian Language in A Day

When you came to the foreign country, especially to Indonesia, you must be found some word in their language. For example, ‘Selamat Datang’ in many public places, as a form of using Indonesian Language to greeting visitor from anywhere. It will be different if you live in Indonesia for a long time. Whether you want […]

5 Indonesian Vowel Chart – Category – Classification

Language in around the world has own Characteristic of Indonesian language, which is very interesting to study, include Indonesian Language. In Bahasa Indonesia, vowel words is similar with English vowel words or alphabet. But it turns out become one of the most interesting yet sophisticated material to learn. It has been divided in four category, […]

How Long Does It Take to Learn Indonesian?

When you read this title, perhaps this is also became your question : how long it takes to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Some people can quickly learn Bahasa and speak like a Native. Others may need a longer time and struggle to speak, even just Indonesian Grammar, or maybe just Indonesian Alphabet. No one can predict how […]

7 Characteristics of Indonesian Language

Every language around the world has own its characteristic that distinguish each other, and so is Indonesian. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are Morphology of Indonesia Language that shows its characteristics of Indonesian Language. But we will explore more about the characteristic itself. 1. Arbitrary First thing of characteristic in Indonesian language is arbitrary. Arbitrary means that the […]