How to Say “Cheap” in Indonesian and Clear Examples in Conversation

Indonesian is popular by its diversity of its variant tribes and 34 provinces. The different tribes and provinces have their own languages. In order to unite all the languages, Indonesia has its own official languages named Bahasa or it is called Indonesian language. Indonesian language has many types of words, phrases, and proverbs. Those types […]

How Good Are Indonesians in Speaking English, Their Accent and Fluency?

In the previous article [Read: Is English Widely Spoken in Bali?], we have described about English in Bali. From the article, we know that Bali is Indonesia’s province with the highest English skill level beating Jakarta Capital Region, Yogyakarta Special Region, and East Java. Yet, still not all Balinese speak English. In this article we […]

How to Learn Indonesian in Your Car? The Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa

The jammed traffic, long hours of commuting every day is such a bad way to waste your time if you just do nothing in the car.  You can actually use those precious time for learning, especially to learn Indonesian language. To know how to learn Indonesian in the car, read the complete explanation below. Listen […]

Reasons Why Successful Students Learn Indonesian in the Car and How to Do It

Learning is usually done in a classroom or in the study room. However, have you heard about learning Indonesian in the car? This may sound weird, but many successful students learn Indonesian in the car. To know the reasons why successful students learn Indonesian in the car, read the complete explanation below. You can be […]

Why Does Indonesia Have So Many Languages? What Languages Are Spoken?

As we already know, besides, Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia has so many more other local languages. Currently there are around 700 living languages in Indonesia. Indonesia is also considered as the second country with the most widely used language with the first is Papua New Guinea. Why Indonesia has so many languages? Read the complete explanation […]

How Many Languages Do Indonesians Speak?

Most of Indonesian people can speak more than one language. Most of them understand and can speak in Bahasa Indonesia, one of Indonesian local language based on their location, and even they also can speak English. To know more about how many languages do Indonesians speak, read the complete explanation below. A Brief History of […]

A-Z Indonesian Words You Should Know for Traveling in Bali

Bali is considered the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is located in Bali island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and also even has mountain. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool beaches. Bali is very popular locally and internationally. You will find many natural beauties, […]

What is The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century?

Education seems to be one of the important ways to shape human mindset. The education becomes the mandatory thing in a country. Some countries has owned their best education system, one of them is Finland. Education is run by its different systems in different countries. The education systems will be upgraded especially when the world […]

A-Z Useful Indonesian Phrases While Traveling in Bandung

Bandung is one of popular tourism destination in Indonesia. The city is located in West Java, on a mountainous area. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool weather. Bandung is not only popular among local tourist, but also popular among international tourists. You will find many natural […]

A-Z Most Common Indonesian Words You Need to Add in Your Dictionary

For foreigners that want to learn Indonesian language, you can start by learning several important and common words that you can use when going to Indonesia. Here, we will give you list of most common Indonesian words. English Indonesian about tentang act tindakan after setelah air udara always selalu and dan answer jawaban area daerah […]