A-Z Indonesian Easy Phrases for Beginner to Learn – Complete Examples

Need a fast track in Indonesian learning? Yes you could master these Indonesian easy phrases with only 5 minutes. There are several themes that would help you. Let’s learn from how to spend money, asking questions and some general phrases. You would learn it effortlessly fast. Let’s take a look on the list below. Learn […]

A-Z Indonesian Easy Phrases to Learn – Examples and Meaning

If you have no clue where to start your Bahasa Indonesia learning, you always could start from Indonesian easy phrases as the starting point. These include survival phrases as well as Indonesian daily words. Therefore, you could express some common phrases that may help you communicate as a beginner. Here, we will learn the list of […]

Tips for Learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner from The Expert

Bahasa Indonesia is an easy as well as complex language at the same time. Want some tips for learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner so you could master it faster? You are in the right place! We will learn what to learn first as beginner in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Here, these are some tips to help […]

How to Speak Indonesian Words for Beginner – Phrases – Examples

Hello! Welcome back! Beside Indonesian Grammar Rules, having correct pronunciation will help a lot in conversation. You do not want mispronounced ‘bat’ as ‘bad’ or vice versa, right? because it would change a whole sentence. Therefore, we will learn how to speak Indonesian Words. Like many nation, it consists diverse society and has its own […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills Like A Pro

Hello! How’s your Bahasa Indonesia progress? Do you find any difficulties? Similar to others, one of the obstacles in language learning is speaking (Check also Causes of Difficulty in Learning Indonesia Language). You feel that you have know the Indonesian Grammar Rules as well as the Sacred Communication Etiquette), but you feel that the words […]

Ancient Indonesian Writing – History – Structures – Example

Hello! Welcome back! Learning language means learning every form of it, both oral and writing, even including sign language because all of it used to help us communicate our mind and feeling. Why writing in Bahasa Indonesia yang Baik dan Benar (Good and Right Bahasa Indonesia) usually is considered harder than other skills? Do you […]

Asking Question in Indonesian – Example and Meaning

Hello! When you need an answer of course you have to know how to ask. ‘Malu bertanya sesat di jalan’ (Hesitant to ask would cause you to get lost), an Indonesian proverbs that mostly true, right? You have learned some tips in Asking in Indonesian. At this opportunity, let’s learn another Asking Question in Indonesian. […]

How to Propose a Girl in Indonesian Language in The Right Phrases

Through language we could express our feeling, including love. You have learned some expressions in Indonesian Proverbs About Love. Then, why don’t we learn how to propose a girl in Indonesian Language. Maybe you will get accepted. Let’s learn! But, before we start, take a look of these useful articles. Indonesian Idiomatic Expressions Inspirational Quotes […]

Indonesian Sayings about Family with English Translation

Hello! Welcome back! Do you know that Indonesian has a proverb called ‘Makan gak makan yang penting ngumpul’ (Dinner or not, the most important thing is to gather) which means ‘we should have family time despite our busy activities’ (Check Indonesian Expressions for Foreigners). On the other words, similar to other Asian countries, Indonesia sees […]

A-Z Indonesian Inspirational Quotes about Life with English Translation

Hello! Welcome back. When we feel down, some motivation and inspiration could be the cure to move on. Every nation has its own public figure. Therefore, why don’t we learn language through Indonesian inspirational quotes about life? In addition, we could also learn some life lesson from them. However, before we start, take a look […]