5 Types of Indonesian Pronouns – Grammar and Examples

Halo lagi! Senang berkenalan! The greeting we said equals to “Hello again! It is nice to meet you!” in English language. Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, a place where you can learn Indonesian language quickly and easily. Mastering Bahasa will help you to have nice conversations in Indonesian.  If you are new here and want to […]

100 Lists of Indonesian Adjectives – Grammars and Examples

Selamat Datang! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Whether you are new here, we are pleased to welcome you! Hence the name of the site, Mastering Bahasa is the one and the only guide for you who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia. In previous posts of Indonesian Verbs and Indonesian Nouns we have discussed for common Indonesian Nouns […]

100 Common Indonesian Nouns – Grammar and Examples

Salam! Senang berjumpa lagi di Mastering Bahasa! We have taught you Indonesian Common Verbs. But do you have trouble to combine those verbs with nouns? Say no more worries, we will give you tons of useful nouns that you can use in your conversation! You can combine these nouns with verbs from our article, Indonesian […]

250 Indonesian Verbs – Grammar and Examples

Halo, apa kabar? Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! In previous articles, we have provided various articles for you to learn Indonesian language for free! We are still updating our articles in order for you to master Indonesian language and use them in your daily basis. We would like for you to check our article Indonesian Conversation […]

99 List of Indonesian Slang Words and How to Say it

Have you ever heard about various slang words and language in Indonesian? If you haven’t heard about it, you may need to learn that and understand what its meaning. Slang language, according to Swan (2005; 526), slang language is a very informal kind of vocabulary, used mostly in speech by people who know each other […]

100 Useful Indonesian Conversation Phrases

Welcome back to learn Indonesian together! We are glad to see you in this article. In this article, we are going to discuss about common conversations in Indonesian language. Basically, Indonesian conversation topics are no different with other countries’ conversations. Indonesian like to talk about themselves, about others, and about jobs. So why don’t we […]

50 Indonesian Phrases for Travellers You Should Know

Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa website! Here we are helping you to learn Indonesian language! In this article we are going to teach you Indonesian phrases for travellers. If you need more common conversation in Indonesia, you can check Conversation in Indonesian. As a traveler, we believe you are seeking for a journey. A journey means […]

50 Useful Common Phrases in Indonesian

Travelling in Indonesia? Or becoming a transfer student in Indonesia? Then, welcome to Indonesia! The place where you can find so many cultures and foods. There are so many travel destination you can visit too! You will have lots of good memories once you visit Indonesia. Sadly, not all Indonesians understand the global language, English.So, […]

250 Basic Words in Indonesian For Beginner

There are  many words in Indonesian with its different  meaning. Basic words in Indonesian for beginners is easy to learn because one word usually has its own meaning, which means it has one meaning. It is a bit different  from from prefix or suffix in Indonesia. If there are many suffix and prefix in one […]

80 Common Greetings In Indonesian for Beginner

What do you know about common greetings in Indonesian? Every language has its own greetings and it is probably different each other. In English, we are used to hear ’’hi’’,’’hello’’, ‘’what’s up’’, while common greetings in Indonesian, we are used  to listen and write’’ hai’’,’’halo’’, ‘’ada apa’’ and more. Whatever it is, greetings aimed to […]