What is the Meaning of “Makasih Ya” in Bahasa? Expressing Gratitude

As a learner of Bahasa Indonesia, you must be fully understood with the phrase terima kasih. For those who do not know, the phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia means “thank you” in English. The phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in a conversation as a term that expresses […]

What is Sama-Sama in Indonesian? Examples – Phrase

Now we are going to learn another topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that are commonly used in daily conversation. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are phrases that commonly mean two or more different definitions. One of these many phrases is sama-sama. The phrase sama-sama in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in colloquial conversation. […]

How to Say “F Off” in Indonesian – Phrase – Slang Words

As in learning any language, you have to know every expression from that language. This includes every positive or negative expressions based on the possible situation regardless of you will need it or not. If you are learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might want to learn about how to use some expressions in Bahasa Indonesia that […]

Flirty Compliments and Pick Up Lines in Indonesian – Examples

If you are interested in approaching an Indonesian girl or guy, it works better if you impress them with pick up lines in Bahasa Indonesia. Being a bit playful is also useful when you want to bargain while shopping. Indonesians love getting teased, it can be a way to connect with new people and make […]

How to Say Crazy in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

Hi there! How’re you? Hopefully you have great day! As discussed in the previous article, which discusses substitute words in expressing something. This time we will discuss about how to say crazy in Indonesian. In Indonesian, the word “crazy” can mean “gila” in this pronunciation: gi-la. And there is also the same word with “crazy” […]

How to Say Eat in Indonesian – Conversation – Examples

Eating food is one of human’s basic needs. Food has also develop not only to fulfill our needs, but also become human culture. Every different part of the world has its own unique food. Indonesia, with thousands of islands has thousands kinds of delicious traditional food. You can check what to order in Indonesian restaurant […]

Birthday Wishes in Indonesian language – Phrases – Definition

Hai semuanya, apa kabar? I hope everyone is ok. This time I am going to give you one of the most used thing in Indonesian conversation. This most used thing in Indonesian conversation is about best wishes in Indonesian language. The birthday wishes in Indonesian is “harapan ulang tahun”. The same as best wishes in […]

How to Say “Wow” in Indonesian – Phrase – Expression

Hi there! How are you? Hopefully you have a great day 🙂 This time we will discuss about how to say “wow” in Indonesian. The word of “wow” are used for express admiration and surprise. “Wow” words are always at the beginning of the sentence followed by an expression of awe or surprise. Here are […]

How to Say Yummy in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

Hi there! Nice to see you again! There are so many words in expressing something. And how to express it is different from various countries. In expressing good taste, it is enough to say “yummy”, but the word is not the same as most countries. This time we will discuss how to say yummy in […]

How to Say “Do You Speak English” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

It’s nice to see you again in other article. Not all Indonesian people can speak English. It’s because every people has different interest in the field of language, but it doesn’t mean Indonesian people absolutely no English. Not infrequently some Indonesians use English in their daily lives. Even some schools in Indonesia have their students […]