100+ Indonesian Words for Food and Examples

When planning to visit Indonesian, it is crucial to know the food variation in the country. Different from English menus, most Indonesian food and drinks are not English-friendly. This means that some of the menus or foods do not have English translation especially for authentic Indonesian food. Thus it is important to learn Indonesian words […]

Learn Indonesian Words for Family Members – Examples

Indonesian people have the manner to call family member according to the family tree. It is impolite to call older people in the family by their names without referring to their level in the family tree. Most of the time, the family words such as uncle, aunt, and the like are also used to call […]

Learn How to Say ‘Yes’ in Indonesian with Examples

Selamat Datang Kembali di MasteringBahasa.com! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa where you can learn Bahasa Indonesia like a pro! We will provide you all material till you can speak Indonesian fluently. Indeed, the next topic is how to say Yes in Indonesian. It can be so important to learn, the basic phrases in Indonesian that […]

125 Indonesian Words Starting with ‘N’ – Examples

As we know that Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian Language, have so many words and its variety. It is happen because from basic words can be developed to be other word, and have a change of meaning, although the meaning itself is not far from the original words. From Indonesian Words in Alphabetical and Basic Words in […]

30 Indonesian Words for Body Parts – Pronunciation

Welcome back! How’s your progress in learning Indonesian so far? Have you learned to introduce yourself in Indonesian, learned about 100 useful Indonesian conversation phrases, and 5 ways to speak with Indonesian accent? How about enrich your Indonesian vocabulary now to broaden your skill even more? One of the important vocabulary categories is body parts. […]

55 Indonesian Words Derived from Dutch (Loanwords)

Do you know that Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for about 3.5 centuries? The Dutch was our longest colonizers who stayed much longer than the Japanese, Portugese, and English. While they were here, the blending of Dutch and Indonesian culture was inevitable. Our ancestors started adapting some Dutch words into the Indonesian language. Their […]

26 Indonesian Words in Alphabetical Order

Indonesia is a country that consists of many different islands with many languages, however with all those differences, Bahasa Indonesia is chosen as the official language in this country. Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language to learn if you are dedicated to work hard and practice a lot (check out how long it takes […]

Learn How to Say Good Evening in Indonesian with Examples

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen man! Get back here and relax to learn more about Indonesia or Bahasa Indonesia here with all ways to learn Basic Indonesian Language with The Experts Meanwhile, if it’s your first time coming to Indonesia, then you need to learn basic Indonesian phrases such how to say good morning, good afternoon, […]

Learn 20 Colours in Indonesian Language with Examples

Colours are part of our everyday life. They are one of the categories of basic Indonesian words beginners should know. In daily conversations, we’ll definitely include colours when we want to describe something more specifically to the people we talk to. Are you familiar with colour vocabulary in Indonesian? Check out the table below to […]

5 Indonesian Vowel Chart – Category – Classification

Language in around the world has own Characteristic of Indonesian language, which is very interesting to study, include Indonesian Language. In Bahasa Indonesia, vowel words is similar with English vowel words or alphabet. But it turns out become one of the most interesting yet sophisticated material to learn. It has been divided in four category, […]