Do You Think Indonesian Could Become An ASEAN Language? Here’s The Explanation

English currently is being adopted as the official language in most discussion forums and events held by ASEAN officials due to its ease in administrative and discussion processes. It is also used in every decision-making agenda, regional meeting, and charter agreement by the ministers of foreign affairs or the government leaders. English is chosen because […]

Do Indonesian Words Have Stresses? In Which Syllable of Indonesian Words Can be Found?

World language must have the rule of the requirements of having the words or sentences. People who talk must contain the word or the word can be combined as a sentence. Indonesian language as one of the world language to be spoken in Indonesia also contains words and sentences and how they speak among Indonesian […]

Do Indonesians Understand the Malay Language? Are They Language Sound The Same?

Do Indonesians understand the Malay language? The simplest answer is: Yes, they do. However, the understanding is only to a certain extent. Why is that? Let’s break it down so we can comprehend further about what make it different yet understandable. Historical The first and foremost thing we need to know is that Indonesian and […]

All The Mean Things Indonesian Girls Say to You When They Don’t Like You

Friendliness is one of the word could be described for Indonesian people. People of Indonesia likes to greet, help, and always say sorry before they ask for help or talk to new people or foreigners. Besides the friendliness, Indonesia is also famous by the Indonesian girls. Indonesian girls are famous because of their friendliness, multitasking […]

How Do You Say Something Like “Get This” in Indonesian

Get this is an English phrase that sometimes we hear in daily conversation, especially in casual daily conversation. This phrases is mostly used by American English speakers. Read explanation below to know more about how to say get this in Indonesian language. What Does the Phrase “Get This” Means Maybe, several of you still don’t […]

Words to Make You Fall in Love with the Indonesian Language – Worth to Learn

Indonesia is the country which becomes the foreigners’ choice to spend their free time for holiday. Indonesia is famous as its sightseeing, tribes, and also its language. Because of the diversity of its tribes, and its languages from different tribes, Indonesia has one official language named Indonesian language. Indonesian language is the language which comes […]

How to Say “Apa” in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Examples

How to Say “Apa” in Indonesian. Hello everybody! How was your day? Hopefully, everything runs well. Previously we’ve learnt some topics about Indonesian. It is important for us to know some expressions in Indonesian because some words cannot be translated literally. So, you must pay attention to your bahasa Indonesia. In this article we will […]

“ke-…-an” Circumfix Functioning as Verb in Indonesian Language – Formula and Examples

Circumfix, or also called ambifix is an affix that has two parts. One part is placed in the start of the word, while the other part is at the end of the word. In English, circumfix is not a common thing. However, circumfix is very common in other language, such as Georgian, Malay, and also […]

Use of ‘Yang’ in Indonesian – Grammar – Examples – Vocabulary

As the biggest country with its isles, Indonesia also has different languages for its different regions and tribes. At first, Indonesian people will be introduced to speak into their own tribe’s language. What if people who wants to visit Indonesia don’t know how to speak the tribe’s language? That is why, the government of Indonesia […]

“Lo” Meaning in Indonesian – Slang Word – Examples

If you’re visiting Indonesia and especially if you’re staying near the area of Jakarta, you’ll hear the word “lo” often. And if you look for the meaning in your dictionary, there’s a chance you won’t find the meaning of this word. Yes, “lo” is one of the slangs in Indonesian. Understanding slang means one of […]