Ancient Indonesian Writing – History – Structures – Example

Hello! Welcome back! Learning language means learning every form of it, both oral and writing, even including sign language because all of it used to help us communicate our mind and feeling. Why writing in Bahasa Indonesia yang Baik dan Benar (Good and Right Bahasa Indonesia) usually is considered harder than other skills? Do you […]

Asking Question in Indonesian – Example and Meaning

Hello! When you need an answer of course you have to know how to ask. ‘Malu bertanya sesat di jalan’ (Hesitant to ask would cause you to get lost), an Indonesian proverbs that mostly true, right? You have learned some tips in Asking in Indonesian. At this opportunity, let’s learn another Asking Question in Indonesian. […]

How to Propose a Girl in Indonesian Language in The Right Phrases

Through language we could express our feeling, including love. You have learned some expressions in Indonesian Proverbs About Love. Then, why don’t we learn how to propose a girl in Indonesian Language. Maybe you will get accepted. Let’s learn! But, before we start, take a look of these useful articles. Indonesian Idiomatic Expressions Inspirational Quotes […]

Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation – Structure and Example

Welcome back to another lesson about Bahasa Indonesia? At this opportunity, let’s learn more about Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation. You know, you have learned some in Indonesian Language Abbreviations as well as in Indonesian Chat Abbreviations I believe you want to see more! Do you know that Bahasa Indonesia usually abbreviated to B. Indo [be Indo] or Bhs. […]

Indonesian Informal Letter Examples and Meaning

Hello! Welcome back As you know, learning informal language is as important as learning Indonesian Formal Language to deliver more flexible communication. I guess you have learned many Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia, right? Now, why don’t we try to explore more about Indonesian Informal Letter. Therefore, you could use Bahasa Indonesia […]

Indonesian Writing Symbols – Structures – Examples

Hello, welcome back! Symbols are very important in human communication. It is part of language too. Although there are universal symbols, they are arbitrary, means it depends on people convention. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are several symbols, mostly the punctuation. Now, we will learn about Indonesian Writing Symbols and how to use it, both in […]

Indonesian Sentence Starters – Formula – Examples

Welcome back! Beside learning about Indonesian Grammar Rules, of course, you are also expected to make a cohesive and coherence sentences or paragraphs. One of the key of cohesive and coherence paragraph is master the Indonesian Conjunctions. Therefore, your sentences, especially in written form, would be more dynamic as well as less similar with a […]

Indonesian Alphabet Pronunciation – Exercises

Hello. Selamat datang! Without a doubt, Indonesian Alphabets is one of the very first and basic thing to learn when we talked about Bahasa Indonesia. Although the formation of the alphabet has no different with English, there is a slight difference with the pronunciation (Check also Indonesian Words Pronunciation). This happened because Bahasa Indonesia has […]

Learn about Consonant Phoneme in English and Indonesian

Selamat datang! As a verbal communication, language is a universal system. All languages in the world consist phonemes, morphemes, symbols (check Indonesian Alphabets), and so on. But, right now we will focus in one very specific aspect, which is about Consonant Phonemes in English and Indonesian. Consonant phonemes is called contoid, which is a speech […]

Indonesian Consonant Clusters – Formula – Definition – Examples

Hi! Welcome back! Clerk. Bright. Proud. Slave Those four words are a random group of words. But, there is one similarity shared by them, consonant clusters. After learning about most basic Indonesian language like Indonesian Alphabets, I think it is the right time to explore more. Consonant clusters is the consonant version of Indonesian Diphtongs. […]