What is The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century?

Education seems to be one of the important ways to shape human mindset. The education becomes the mandatory thing in a country. Some countries has owned their best education system, one of them is Finland. Education is run by its different systems in different countries. The education systems will be upgraded especially when the world […]

Why is the Indonesian Education Curriculum Harder Than Other Countries? Check The Explanation!

If people are talking about English or other materials at school such as math or biology, they relate to the subjects which are learnt or studied. If it is taken for one example of subject, English language, the subject is relate to the language subject and it is known to be studied and drilled for […]

Indonesian Slang Words to Help You Speak like A Local – Mastering Your Bahasa Skill

Slang word is one of the words in a language and it relates to the informal language. The usage of slang word is usually spoken among a group of people. The words are made in their own terms when other people do not really understand when the group of people are having those slang words […]

Why Indonesians Always Say Anjing? The Meaning and Examples

Language has two types according to the context, they are formal and informal language. If people decide to apply or speak informal language, the informal language also relates to the slang words, one of the type of language. Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting Slang words relates to the context of a group or groups when […]

Which Indonesian Newspaper Has the Highest Quality of Standard Indonesian?

Newspaper is still one of the trusted press to be read by people all around the world. The existence of newspaper is very important in order to report or inform people about what happen in a region, district, province, country even the world itself. The newspaper is published in the morning or even in the […]

How Do Indonesians Pronounce to ‘wkwkwk?’

Slang words are often found in every languages from countries around the world. The slang words relate to any type of informal language, for example onomatopoeia which usually speak or write to introduce an example of a sound. According to Oxford online dictionary, onomatopoeia is the fact of words containing sounds similar to the noises […]

What Are The Reasons Non-Indonesians Have A Hard Time Pronouncing Indonesian Words?

In this globalization era, learning new language is one of the important things. Learning the new language is not only for having the new language for the mind, but also for speaking it at the place where the language is spoken. It must be difficult for the first learner to learn the new language. The […]

What Do Malaysians Think about the Standard Indonesian Accent? Are They The Same

Indonesian is a big country. As it is one of the country which has lots of tribes in it, Indonesia also has the language for each tribes in all provinces. Because there are lots of tribes and their languages, Indonesia must have one official language. The official language which is decided to be used and […]

What Do Malaysians Think of Indonesian Music?

Music can become one of the universal language tools related to the literature of a language. Through music, people can enjoy the melody and learn the language at the same time. It can be said that all countries must have its own unique or popular music. The music can be used for learning something, sharing […]

Do Indonesian Words Have Stresses? In Which Syllable of Indonesian Words Can be Found?

World language must have the rule of the requirements of having the words or sentences. People who talk must contain the word or the word can be combined as a sentence. Indonesian language as one of the world language to be spoken in Indonesia also contains words and sentences and how they speak among Indonesian […]